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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972

French airline loses NZUSA business — Protest Withdrawal

French airline loses NZUSA business

Protest Withdrawal

The National Executive meeting, following the NZUSA AGM during Easter decided to have the Student Travel Bureau cease its dealings with UTA (a French airline) until the French Government cease nuclear testing in the Pacific.

As NZUSA AGM's go, most of the meeting held at Victoria over Easter was fairly typical. The receipt and adoption of the annual report and accounts was the major business, and the election of officers supplied the only other item of business of any interest.

Unfortunately, such was the enthusiasm generated that the list of nominations failed to induce anyone interested in two of the most important positions - those of Treasurer and Education Vice-president. Those elevated to the noble ranks of the Executive are as follows:
  • Treasurer:
  • Education Vice-president:
  • International Vice-president: Robert Reid
  • General Vice-presidents Graeme Collins, Gary Emms, Francis Huang.
  • Honarary Vice-presidents: Mike Law, Rich Shorter, Joris de Bres (Eng), Prasad (Sing), Charles Draper.

In addition further officers of NZUSA (not members of the Executive) were elected.

  • Accomodation officer: Howard Bazar.
  • USP officer: Gwen O'Conner.
  • Welfare officer: Don Clarke.
  • Overseas students officer: Rahman Kahn.
  • International Research officer: John Clark.

The Executive authorised president Cu[gap — reason: illegible]bert to instigate an investigation into the Mt John demonstration and the treatment of demonstrators. It was anticipated that such an investigation could well be carried out by some official such as the Ombudsman.

NZUSA is continuing to assist the Blenheim Borough Council in its appeal against the NAC fare increases at the end of 1971

The Borough Council is still waiting however for the time of the hearing of the appeal.

The Executive rejected a suggestion (contained in a letter to NZUSA from a member of the public) that NZUSA send a "fact-finding" mission to South Africa to investigate and determine the situation for themselves. The rejection was based on two criteria. It was unlikely that such a body would be permitted by the South African Government to enter the Republic and that the position had already been represented to NZUSA and New Zealand not only by those who had lived there, but also by an official representative of the African National Congress which represented the majority of the South African people. In short there was no reason to send the party.

Footnote: Part of the AGM was held in committee but it is rumoured that the Arts Festival Accounts (from Massey 1971) were not exactly accepted at face value and further inquiries were asked for, including discussion with the Arts Festival Treasurer (Graeme Lindsay) who, it is understood, was invited to attend but was unable to do [unclear: so].