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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972

Report from the Controller

Report from the Controller

Once again Otago lead the chase for Tournament Shield with Victoria pulling into dismal fifth place behind Canterbury, Auckland and Massey in that order.

After getting off to a very slow and not very encouraging start to billeting about three weeks prior to Tournament we finally reached our target three days before Tournament was due to begin.

With the bulk of the competitors arriving on Friday morning things were not looking too healthy weather wise, but after hurried consultations with "Hughy" upstairs things' were once again back to normal and the hot weather continued for the rest of the weekend.

The lighter side of things got away to a good start on Friday night with a capacity plus crowd for Dangle in the Union Hall, the only casualties being two broken windows, one Thorburn painting and three thousand beer cans.

Again on Saturday night there were capacity crowds for Balls Up, the casualty list being still very much in evidence. The only other function held at Varsity was the Ball on Monday which was a swinging do, but rumour has it that due to the large number of non-paying participants it may have been a disaster.

Other events of note over the weekend were the swimmer from Otago who managed to ride on the top of a bus the full length of Thorndon Quay to the Cenotaph, the Island 'Student who used the servery slide in the cafe as a trapeze, the result being only too evident, and a Vic student who managed, at twenty paces, to demolish an Otago competitors front teeth with a beer can.

In all a successful Tournament, marred only by the vandalism of a few.

Warwyk Oewe.

Climax to the whole weekend was the Dinner, (excellently catered for by the new Student Union Caterers), immediately followed by the Ball.

At the Dinner the six man NZU team was announced for the forthcoming tour to Australia in May. This tour has been on and off staters for the past 4 or 5 years, and it is great to see that arrangements are finally being concluded and that only a relatively small amount of cash still has to be raised to make up for the latest fare increase.

The team selected is:
  • R. Gilchrist (Otago)
  • P. Smith (Lincoln)
  • P. Buckingham (Otago)
  • N. Wynn (Vic)
  • G Adlam (Vic)
  • L Plank (Waikato)
  • Non travelling reserves
  • J. Williams (Massey)
  • N. Robinson (Victoria)

Roll on Massey 1973!!