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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972



The Easter Tournament Shooting was conducted at Trentham Range, just out of earshot of the nearest pub. It resulted in a large number of holes being created in several wooden and paper structures set variously at 300. 500 and 600 yds from the intrepid end gallant snipers of six universities. Auckland didn't compete.

Victoria was able to soundly thrash both Lincoln and Waikato, and to put down Otago by a small margin. Unfortunately Massey managed to even more soundly thrash those worthies, followed closely by Canterbury and nearly as closely by Vic. The closeness of the finish is indicated by the margin of 10 points between 1st and 4th out of a possible 1200 per team.

Despite a murderous assault on someone else's target. Peter Buckingham (Otago) managed to top score the first day. The top Vic men was Neville Wynn.

By impressing the local Wellington shooters by being only about 50% long heirs and by being able to speak English, the shooters were invited to the Karori club hut where they continued to impress by drinking twice as much in half the time expected of them., for which thanks must go the the relay running Karori flagon wagon.

Sunday's big event was the Canterbury University Newts Trophy event, in which the Canterbury team, hindered by the presence of the phantom water imbiber in their midst, lost the final to Otago in fine technicolour.

On Monday an 8 man NZU team was gently defeated by a Wellington Assn team - which got rather a shock at their mere 13 points in 1600 winning margin. Top scorer was R. Gilchrist (NZU) ahead of D Codings (Wellington).

The range on both days was capably controlled by Roy Martin who managed to chalk up quite an impressive lineup of jugs for unsuccessful challenges to the marking, in unholy alliance with our various conscripted officers - marvellous what a can of beer in front and a rifle behind will achieve in the way of persuasion.