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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972

Tournament Vandalism

Tournament Vandalism

Although the sporting events may have passed off very well, once again the thoughtless and bloody childish behaviour of "the few" cast a somewhat unpleasant shadow over the whole weekend.

The two hops - 'Balls Up' and 'Dangle' showed that even supposed intelligent university students can imitate the actions and inane behaviour of the much maligned lower strata of today's youth the bikies, and the Mongrels ( and other associated gangs). 'Dangle' held on Friday night, was packed out, but with the grog flowing freely and several thousand beer cans at hand it would appear that "the few" were not content to just drink and listen to the music, and took it into their heads to use the Thorburn modular painting as a target to improve their beer can throwing accuracy. Fortunately the artist is still living in Palmerston North so that the painting, which is made up of thousands of individual little blocks can be repaired. Windows became victims as well. Several were broken, 'Balls Up' on Saturday night saw much the same behaviour, further casualties being the glass in the restaurant door and the doors to the Memorial Theatre.

The Ball on Monday night was by all accounts a great do. However, many must have been so broke that they decided the only way to get in was to resort to gatecrashing which resulted in one would be "guest" breaking his toe.

The servery slide in the cafe became a trapeze for a budding circus performer, the result being that the slide has had to be replaced. There were also some people who believed that the call of nature necessitated a prompt release either into rubbish bins or into some dark corner in the corridors of the union building.

On the whole the tournament went very well, but with the Student's Association running at a loss at the moment we can't afford to have to pay for repairs and replacements because "the few" have little or no consideration for the property which belongs to us all and for which we have all paid.