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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972

Peace Research Media Project

page 7

Peace Research Media Project

We don't know when the PRMP was established because it seemed to be in operation before it advertised the media and Dissent seminar here last year. The seminar had some value, particularly to left wingers wanting to get publicity for a key issue. However, many left wingers must have been concerned at the spectacle of a collection of basically establishment personalities playing at being armchair revolutionaries. This was clear in their reaction to Tim Shadbolt and Chris Wheeler who were treated as if they had almost been cured of leprosy. The main absentee was Miss Bartlett.

It was hoped that PRMP would become a long term effort able to use a variety of people and skills to counter the crap served up to us by our dollar conscious Tory press radio and TV. Under the direction of Alister Taylor and Barry Mitcalfe things got off to a roaring start and we were introduced to Dr. Spock's version of liberalism warmed up.

The July Mobe came and went, and, so it seems, did the PRMP. We heard that some gullible individuals had pledged 1% of their income to PRMP and, if this actually happened, they have nothing to show for it.

At least they have very little PRMP activity to show for it. Early this year a press release knocked spots off Westmoreland when he was in Wellington giving orders to Kiwi Keith (N.Z. Turncoats retd.). But thats all folks. Why?

With hindsight, some things about PRMP looked rather strange. For example, one of the organisers according to several prominent left wingers who should know, made a helluva pile from a conference he ran a few years ago. Apparently audits weren't done until some figures were produced. They didn't satisfy everyone. The left wing capitalist hasn't been blamed for the depletion over recent months, of PRMP funds.

Whisper has it that PRMP funds were spent on travel fares alright, but not those of Dr. Spock. Instead, a local took off to the Islands with female company for some. "Polynesian studies."

The problem of funds is always slightly embarrassing for a left wing organisation, but there are two basic methods of raising money: collecting from individuals or robbing a bank. If the pattern of funds going on a long march continues, the latter solution might solve more problems one.

Owing to the $40,000 given away by the A.G.M., this is the last issue of Salient for this year.

Odd One Out


1.Mediocre spinner's promotion? (3,2,3,4)
8.A disturbed army officer may have them (4)
9.Result of a wind-break? (7,3)
10.Teller, given the right direction, indicates contempt (5)
11.To back a school is a matter of consequence (4)
12.Stores return the crammed efforts (5)
14.Make piecemeal (5)
15.A game garment? (6,5)
20.Charm (after being promoted in 1 ac. and introducing breaks? (5,6)
21.Runlets which could be from Porrit's casebook! (6)
23.Open-mouthed at love-feast (5)
25.Holyoake in a Southern 'juice' measure (4)
26.Thin-skinned? (5)
28.It's capital to equate a minister with one of the flock! (5,5)
29.Bank - Bank with reverse organ (4)
30.Promising yokel shows a sound trump suit (5,7)


1.Film company starts one effect of land pollution (8)
2.A moving example of fishy habits (8)
3.Trees not as expensive as they sound (4)
4.Behold in the strange slave the answer (5)
5.New mall he delivers in the Intervening period (9)
6.Eating rime ingests a new product's beginning (6)
7.treasurer about mother rising, including satisfied (7)
13.Unnatural oyster-beds (5)
14.Marks ending senses (5)
16.Trail after unkempt tale to be avoided (6,3)
17.Lead quietly, disease will follow (8)
18.For butts, but not a mass of trees (3,5)
19.Taking off from La Boheme's heroine? (7)
22.Put in a difficult spot with bits and pieces taking up room (6)
24.Snooped a sin we hear (5)
27.Court official thanks information (4)

* * *