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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 Number 6. April 11, 1972

AGM Gives Away Forty Thousand — Almost

AGM Gives Away Forty Thousand — Almost

The AGM of V.U.W.S.A., last Thursday night, directed that the Sports Council and Cultural Affairs Council grant monies be frozen, until an investigation into their accounts is completed and presented to S.R.C. It also gave $40,000, almost the entire budget of the Students' Association, to the Vietnamese Medical Aid and Relief Fund.

Several factors influenced the freezing of the Sports and Cultural Affairs grant monies. Firstly, an allegation by Mike Law that three only, out of 24, members of his V.U.W. rugby team were V.U.W. students, and that these outsiders did not appear to pay their non-student affiliation fee, which is considerably higher than that for students. Further, the V.U.W. Rugby Club was granted a $5,000 loan by the 1969 executive, payable at a minimum of $1,000 pa, none of which appears to have been paid back yet. A committee was subsequently appointed to look into these matters. The committee consists of: Dave Cuthbert, Mike Law, Simon Arnold, the sports officer, the cultural affairs officer, the treasurer, Peter Cullen, Graeme Collins and Errol Miller.

One of the main factors in the granting of $40,000 to the Vietnamese Medical Aid and Relief Fund, was the vigorous support the motion received from several speakers, who saw it as a prime moment to do something practical and realistic. To exhortations of, "we can do it, if we push," the AGM passed the motion amidst loud acclamation.

Other motions that were carried, were those authorising the installation of a condom machine in the main foyer, rather than in the Union Hall, as had been suggested in an earlier amendment and the donation of a $200 grant to O.H.M.S. in its efforts to repeal the National Military Service Act. (This, amount was increased from the original proposed $100, at the urging of Gary Urwin, the Association Treasurer, who claimed that, since the Government was spending vast sums of money on supporting N.Z. Defence Forces, the AGM should give more than $100 to help repeal the Military Service Act.)

The vote to Hart this year is for $500, an unexpected boon to those who proposed this amount in the hope that Hart would receive about $200.

A motion increasing the Salient Editor's honorarium to $800 pa was carried, despite a statement by Mr Corrigan, that an increase in the honorarium should be accompanied by an increase in the quality of the paper. Finally the motion that V.U.W.S.A. support the establishment of a fine arts "centre" with suitable administrative organisation, at Victoria University, was passed unanimously.

"Condom vending machines do not help availability of contraception, they encourage fornication" (standing ovation).

"Condom vending machines do not help availability of contraception, they encourage fornication" (standing ovation).