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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 No 5. March 29, 1972

Open Day Fun

page 3

Open Day Fun

The campus will be open to the public on Tuesday the eleventh of April from 9am to 5pm. This is an annual arrangement whereby ordinary people and senior school pupils get a glimpse of your actual student at work and play.

So the public can go away satisfied that may now know why, the administra allows them to attend lectures and to poke around as they wish, and the Student Association arranges tours, displays and occurences for their edification.—A full day's spectacle is guaranteed.

In truth, past open days have not been much different from any other days, only with more people. This year we are attempting to achieve a similar result. This will involve much delicate planning and split second coordination, and to this end the Students Association have been fortunate to gain services of two experienced planners and coordinators, namely Bernard Avery and Allan Bradley.

However, even such men as these cannot be in more than a modest number of places at once, so they wish to enlist the services of a body of intrepid persons to act as guides. This exacting role will require courage, fortitude diplomacy and fluency in not less than seven languages (males too, will be welcome). Also good strong sandals, It means leading parties to salient points and browbeating them about the structure and function of the outfit. Just think there may be tips from the grateful.

The campus tours will coordinate with library tours and (hopefully) such events as a Jenny McLeod music Festival outside Hunter, dance theatre, karate, fencing outside Rankine-Brown, and displays in the University Union. (If Jenny McLeod, dancers, karate and fencing types don't know about this yet, will they please get in touch with their nearest Stud. Ass, office)—Also all those who want use of display boards and haven't been contacted.

The gym and select hostels too, have been chosen to participate as hosts to the throngs.

Make this your day at university. Choice spots in which to lounge and picnic will be available, and neither will hot water. Please do not give the public any inkling of what makes the average student tick or they will go away disappointed.

Applicants for plum jobs on the day will be screened and selected after they've signed the begging notices carefully hidden at key points. If you haven't read this you probably won't know that open day. April the eleventh this year is about one week away.