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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 No 5. March 29, 1972

Snebgrebling's Sport

page 15

Snebgrebling's Sport


Photo of a man surfing a wave

The first Club trip got underway last Sunday when a good turnout of new members travelled over to Tora on the eastcoast. A good swell was running and although a Nor Wester gave a small chop to the waves for the first few hours the wind soon dropped and ideal conditions were present for the selection of a Surfriders team to compete at this years Easter tournament. New members Adrian Taylor and Jonathan Neal proved themselves well with Taylor riding as well and as tight as anyone else in the water, [unclear: laterin] the afternoon, with the dropping tide, no wind and plenty of sun, the club members hasseled with the large crowd for the near perfection 5-6' walls.

The contest was run on radically different lines to those held in the past with all the members going into the water at anytime and then late in the afternoon discussion on whom was to represent Vic at Easter. The team is to be Adrian Taylor Murray Lines, Jonathan Neal, Murray Carey, James Wills and reserve, David Banks (knee-machine exponent).

With a good start to the years activities it is hoped similar trips away will be held. Better transport is available this year with more suitable cars and a weekend trip to Taranaki is planned for sometime before the May vacation. The New Zealand champs are to be held in Taranaki over Easter and with the present weather patterns providing some good swells it may prove to be successful.

Car Club

Orientation Rally on 5th March started off the club's events for the year. About 120 people took part and the final results are still not to hand. The route passed around town, through a few suburbs, then out to the Hutt Valley to finish at Clouston Park in the Akatarawes. Afternoon tea was enjoyed during the rally and a barbeque was eaten at Clouston Park. No one got lost (for good) but there were some puzzling moments. Even the organisers found it difficult, (deciding places). For the technically minded it lasted 70 miles and 3 hours. It had a MANZ regs.

Following this rally there was held a Film Evening and de-briefing session on 8th March. It provided a chance for everyone there to have a general rave on.

The next event to be held is the Easter Tournament. Various bods from other N.Z. Uni's will be visiting with their bombs to compete in the day trial, night trial and gymkhana. It is up to us to piss over this fiery competition.

There will be a Tournament Car Rally Meeting on Thursday night 23rd March 7.30pm Listening Room. Anyone interested in Tournament Car Rally (crews, mechanics, tea ladies, advisers, and hangers on, etc) should be there. C.H. Tear. Car Club Tournament Controller, Paul McGuiness Tel. 837502 (6-7pm) is looking after this show.

Car Club's A.G.M. will be held on Wednesday, 5th April at 7.30pm. Of course only Members of Car Club can:
a)Vote at VUCC's A.G.M.
b)Utilise VUCC's part of their Studass.
c)Participate in one of the most active clubs on campus, such as the events enumerated above.
d)Obtain the club's generous discounts on tyres, maps etc.
e)Borrow tools from the Tool Loan Co-op Information regarding this marvellous boon to the poor motorist is available by phoning the Tool [unclear: Loan] Officer, John Rapley at 2668356.(Believe [unclear: the,] it works folks. I've already used it!)
f)Compete in Competition Points Table.
g)Receive free MANZ handbook.
h)Obtain a free VUCC car window sticker. Membership also entitles you to free entry to your first event.


We went on a successful trip for new members at Island Bay on Sunday. Some members were without wet suits so the two club suits were shared around and all got a dive. Visibility was not at its best, but this is one of the windiest months of the year.

Club scuba divers carried out a second stage in the laying of an artificial reef in the harbour on Friday last week. If you are interested, and would like to help please ring the Secretary John McCoy 838284 during working hours. The reef is showing an accumulation in marine plants and animals, and is producing a shelter for a fish population.

Those who could not attend the A.G.M. will find any important notices will be posted on the club notice board on the first floor of the Student Association Building, or you will be informed through the next newsletter.

The prospects of diving during this winter look good. Cook Strait temperatures change only a few degrees, and the wind will tend to calm down. We are planning fortnightly dives for both scuba and snorkel but this will depend upon the weather, examinations, etc.

You may have seen last weeks Gallery programme on the Poor Knights issue, if so then you can understand our dismay over the prospects of possible damage to the environment through pollution


Cricket at Easter Tournament will consist of six days of the recently introduced 1-day 40-over matches which have proved themselves very popular, both with players and spectators alike. If you enjoy witnessing bright, entertaining cricket Karori Park is the scene for you during Easter.

A 1-day 40-over match has also been arranged between a Wellington representative XI and the NZU. XI selected at tournament to be played on the day following the end of tournament.

Cricket was the sole Vic triumph, sporting-wise anyway, at last year's summer tournament in Dunedin. In order to emulate that feat, the cricket club is inviting, cajoling, imploring any student cricketer to press his claims for inclusion in this year's tournament team at a trial match arranged for 12.30pm. Saturday 25th March at Kelburn Park. If you are interested but cannot make the trial, try ringing Rick Priest. Ph. 759417.


Here we are - where are you? Yacht Club has its base at Port Nicholson Yacht Club. We have one yacht which people keep fucking up and this is why not every bastard can sail as of right. You may be interested to know that we did have a good idle-along but some goon sailed it into the breakwater and pissed off without telling anyone.

Keys to the Varsity shed can be obtained by ringing and collecting from the following
  • Dick Orgais (57759 wk) 861277 (evenings).
  • Chris Gilbert (51269 wk).
  • Andy Knowles (797145, 792420 evenings).

At the moment the Cherub is under repair preparatory to competing at Easter Tournament so it will not be available till after tourney.

Bike Club

Photograph of a man racing a Suzuki motorcycle

This year the Bike Club got off to a tremendous start with a very successful display and film evening of which was attended by over 100 bikies and others - much to the surprise of the committee.

The A.G.M. was recently held in which the majority of the committee was returned to power (along with a token number of newcomers) amid cries of "fix! fix!"'

For the record those elected were: John Scollay (President) Gerard Dobson (Club Captain), Judi Burnley (Secretary), Don Mcllroy (Treasurer), Ross Manley, Dave Munro, Graham Ridding, Tony Kellaway, and Phillip Burgess (committee members).

Membership has now risen to an alltime high of 96 (already better than last year's total).

On Sunday March 19, Gracefield happened!!! This was the first taste of racing for four of our club members. They performed with outstanding success with only 50% of our riders dropping off (not bad huh?) Tony (hang 10) Haines.- (250 Suzuki-Bultaco) was the first to part company with his bike. He came out of a corner too wide and came off second best in a tangle with a lamp post-one down. The next to go was Mr Mortimer - Graham Ridding who did a quick spot of grasstracking after discovering an oil patch that wasn't supposed to be there - two down.

Lawrence Bailey remained unscathed and performed as consistently as ever finishing both races in the middle of his class, after having an almighty scrap with a bonneville in the first.

Peter Craven put up the best performance of the group, coming first in his class (250cc production) in all his races except the first, in which he shot up an escape route due to lack of brakes.

After Gracefield we had a successful run and barbeque just off the Paekakariki Hill road. About 30 bikes and 2 cars went and the cooking fire was easily started by rubbing two kawasakis together. - Everybody had a lot of fun. The club has many more activities like this planned so if you want to be part of it ring Don (767-102) or watch the club noticeboard and come along.