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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 No 5. March 29, 1972

Car Club

Car Club

Orientation Rally on 5th March started off the club's events for the year. About 120 people took part and the final results are still not to hand. The route passed around town, through a few suburbs, then out to the Hutt Valley to finish at Clouston Park in the Akatarawes. Afternoon tea was enjoyed during the rally and a barbeque was eaten at Clouston Park. No one got lost (for good) but there were some puzzling moments. Even the organisers found it difficult, (deciding places). For the technically minded it lasted 70 miles and 3 hours. It had a MANZ regs.

Following this rally there was held a Film Evening and de-briefing session on 8th March. It provided a chance for everyone there to have a general rave on.

The next event to be held is the Easter Tournament. Various bods from other N.Z. Uni's will be visiting with their bombs to compete in the day trial, night trial and gymkhana. It is up to us to piss over this fiery competition.

There will be a Tournament Car Rally Meeting on Thursday night 23rd March 7.30pm Listening Room. Anyone interested in Tournament Car Rally (crews, mechanics, tea ladies, advisers, and hangers on, etc) should be there. C.H. Tear. Car Club Tournament Controller, Paul McGuiness Tel. 837502 (6-7pm) is looking after this show.

Car Club's A.G.M. will be held on Wednesday, 5th April at 7.30pm. Of course only Members of Car Club can:
a)Vote at VUCC's A.G.M.
b)Utilise VUCC's part of their Studass.
c)Participate in one of the most active clubs on campus, such as the events enumerated above.
d)Obtain the club's generous discounts on tyres, maps etc.
e)Borrow tools from the Tool Loan Co-op Information regarding this marvellous boon to the poor motorist is available by phoning the Tool [unclear: Loan] Officer, John Rapley at 2668356.(Believe [unclear: the,] it works folks. I've already used it!)
f)Compete in Competition Points Table.
g)Receive free MANZ handbook.
h)Obtain a free VUCC car window sticker. Membership also entitles you to free entry to your first event.