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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 35 No 5. March 29, 1972




I have two things to say about Peter Simpson's letter in your last issue. One is reasonable but the other may not be.

Firstly, Peter Simpson has based his whole rave on the premise that the demonstrators will be agitating out of hatred. This is not so. I will be demonstrating against the tour because of my unemotional love for the blacks and whites. I may be provoked to violence indeed. But my violence towards a white player or police [unclear: man] does not preclude my loving him. It is rather a case of the principle of equality being more pressing than the principle of love. Does not Peter Simpson realise that it is tenable to love a person while disagreeing with his politics?

Peter Simpson's emerging intelligence re love has not come far enough, it seems. Which brings me to my second point - perhaps these are but pseudo-philosophical reflections of his because the weak headed ending of his letter negates any claim he may have to reasoning ability. In fact I suspect that such literally airy fairy hippie drivel is more truly typical of his thinking. The dubious and arbitrary but quasi-philosophical musings are but a blind, and we may accurately infer from the flower power sing-song towards the end of his fetter that he has presented but another gutless rationalisation, another political patsy's excuse for political inaction.

J.W. Carter.