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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 4. 22 March 1972

Snebgrebling's Sport

page 15

Snebgrebling's Sport


The November, 1971 club trip to the Poor Knights was very successful. We managed to get out to the Islands on all but two days of our stay. A group of Americans who were diving near by reaffirmed our belief that the Knights are not a place for inexperienced divers. The discovery of a giant salo made headlines up and down the country and even in Sydney.

Some members returned to the Knights after Xmas and were hosted by Lew Ritchie, one of our foundation members. Lew provided his boat for coastal dives and for several trips out to the Knights. Scenery included bronze whalers and, on one dive, several black coral trees.

In late February 1972 a trip for more experienced divers was held. A chartered catamaran, and us, spent a week visiting the Mercury, Alderman, and Mayor and White islands, as well as several reefs and rocks in the area. Diving in the region was fantastic - very large kingies, grouper, a couple of bronzies, black coral and more. A portable compressor on board helped make this trip very successful.

Local diving has been dampened by weather but all coasts have been div able at some time even though visibility in some areas has been very poor. Mana Island is gradually revealing its secrets and Hunter Bank is still enticing when the weather is good. In Wellington Harbour the first units of the artificial reef have been put down. Our sponsors ensured good press and T.V. coverage. Anyone interested in helping with further stages (and there will be plenty) please contact the Secretary.

Photo of club trip to the Poor Knight Islands featuring two divers on the rocks

From the Gym

Games played on Monday 13th March resulted in wins for Education, Physics, Staff and Chemistry. Championship points to date:
Physics 8
Staff 8
Chemistry 5
Maths 5
English 5
Education 5
History 2
Geography 2
Games played on Wednesday 15th March. Results as follows;
Education drew with Staff 4-4
Economics beat English 16-1
History beat Geography 4-3
Physics beat Chemisty 6-5
Law beat Maths 6-3
Accumulative points to date:
Chemistry 2
Economics 8
Education 4
English 2
Geography 5
History 6
Law 8
Maths 2
Physics 5
Staff 6

Physical Welfare Staff will still accept your team for Intramural Volley Ball. Enter a team or leave your name and phone number with one of the confusion experts at the gym.


The club executive is making noises in the appropriate quarters on several issues—

The paua closed season and restrictions on amateur scuba divers taking these animals. Although recognising the need for control measures we are doubtful as to the value of blanket closed seasons in control since pirating by 'commercial' divers, will continue. The regulation as it stands appears ill-conceived and valueless.

Another portion of the same regulation forbids the taking of "shellfish" with scuba and concurrent possesion of "shellfish" and scuba. We are seeking a redefinition of the word "shellfish" which at present includes all molluscs, echinoderms and Crustacea with the exception of some of the commercially important species such as, crayfish, toheroa, rock oysters etc., which are covered by special regulations. If these species are covered by special regulations, why the need for a ban on all "shellfish"?

We are also involved in the Poor Knights mining issue. We are seeking a "buffer" boundary of several miles between the Islands and any possible oil prospecting and drilling operations. We feel that such a reduction in the prospecting area is a small price to pay to help ensure the protection of the unique fauna at the Knights.

Norfolk Island Diving

Want to spend 2 weeks and $155 diving at Norfolk? Cost includes return airfare and accommodation. Trips start April 6, June 25 and October 8 1972. Cheap diving gear available also.

Training Courses

Training courses will commence in May. Both SCUBA and snorkel training will be offered. Each course takes 7-8 weeks at the Freyberg Pool on Tuesday evenings. Fees for the course are yet to be determined but they will be quite reasonable. Further information from the secretary.

Easter Tournament

Any body interested in the spear fishing compettion who has not already been contacted ring Neville Wynne U.H. 82925. We require assistance with organisation, and transport. All of this lot is stored at the Island Bay Marine Lab. Club windscreen stickers 30c.

Annual General Meeting V.U.W. Underwater Club.

is to be held on 28th March 1972 at 7.30pm in K323.

  • Attractions include;
  • General business
  • Election of Officers
  • Films and slides
  • Stimulating discussion!!


The club caters for all types of soccer players. This season six teams will be fielded. The top team will play in the Wellington First Division. Other teams will play in the Third, Fourth, Fifth. Sixth and Seventh Divisions. Should there be sufficient players a team will also be entered in the Eighth Division.

Training facilities are good. Ronnie Temple, who last season played for the Central Districts League Championship winners. Waterside, has been appointed Club Coach for the 1972 season. The club has the use of the Boyd Wilson Field on Sunday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm (until Easter) and Monday evenings from 7pm to 10pm. In addition training sessions are held in the Gymnasium between 6.pm. and 8.pm. on Thursday evenings. Trial games are played during the Sunday sessions, and if you are a newcomer to the club it is essential that you attend one of these sessions.

About June work will commence on building new changing room facilities for Kelburn Park. Above these changing rooms Clubrooms will be built. These will be the joint property of the circket, hockey and soccer clubs. An additional advantage of the University soccer club, especially to University students, is the low subscription rate.

If you would like to learn more about the club attend one of the training sessions, or contact one of the following Committee members:-Derek Smith, 'phone numbers 51439(work) or 896100 (home). John Reeve, Biochemistry Department, Easterfield Building. Cliff Laking, Room 7, 50 Kelburn Parade, who will be pleased to give further information.

Swami Venkatesnanda taking a breathing exercise in the gym.

Swami Venkatesnanda taking a breathing exercise in the gym.


Swami Venkatesananda is travelling around New Zealand giving lectures on the yoga sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. He is a fascinating man and gives to yoga a reality often lost by soma of its advocates. His lectures on the yoga sutras (yoga philosophy) retained the simplicity that Patanjali set down C. 300 BC and yet he directed them at the age we live in today. He believes we make our lives far too complicated and stresses the need to discover a more simple life. "Meditation sitting in front of a blank wall is only for the stupid." Swamiji took a group for pranayama in the gymnasium. Pranayama is the discipline of the life force. It is derived from 'prana' meaning energy and 'yama' meaning discipline. There are eight pranayamas; bhastrika, bhramari, Kapalabhati, murchchha, sitali, sitkari, suryabhedana and ujjayi. They involve cooling, cleansing and retention of the breath. The asanas, (postures) and pranayama make the two limbs of Hatha yoga which is the initial path in all yoga. It aims at developing an awareness and control of the body and it is a practice for dharana (concentration) and, dhyana (meditation). These last two lead to samadhi which is the state of super-consciousness.

Swami Venkatesananda believes that pranayama is essential to reach the state of Kaivalya which is the aim yogis wish to reach where they have need for neither the world, body nor mind. Hatha yoga classes in the gym:
Mon 2-3
Tues 4-5
Thur 12-1

All beginners welcome.


1972 will see the club in its 5th year of existence. The club will be playing in the Senior II. competition. New signings include Bill More, a former Otahuhu player, Alan Haronga and Ronnie Tokomau have come over from Waterside Premiers to play for Vic. Together with the hardcore from previous years, and other new promising signings 1972 could be the club's best year yet. The social scene should be great too. We have the Royal Tiger pub. If you are interested-it doesn't matter if you haven't played league. Ph. Rex Parker 559-538.

Winter Tournament

Tentative dates for winter tournament are the 20th to 25th of August, So would secretaries of Winter Sports clubs contact Geoff Stubbs Sports Officer about sizes of teams so he can fix up the travel arrangements. The point of arrangements being made this early is to avoid the cock-ups made in the past with late bookings crapping out for want of space.

700 people arrive 31st mar and leave 4th april. They need had and breakfast Phone 70 319 (day) or 48 684 (after 5pm) if you can help.

"Can i Stay at your Place"

Billets Needed