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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 No. 3. 15th March 1972

Standing Room

Standing Room

At university on Thursday you couldn't find a seat by II, by 12 you couldn't stand. The atmosphere was different from the reception, (though my arse felt the same). It was certainly different from the usual Forum treatment of speakers-she was listened to quietly, and cheered. Victoria has certainly changed in the past few years, from the early hostility directed towards Women's Lib. members.

Germaine attacked the whole middle-class mythology on marriage and love. She related love to Platonic concepts in the recognition of equals thus contrasting it to the present power struggle that mars most heterosexual relationships. The beauty of lesbian and homosexuel love that it is not based on the subordination of one individual. Her comments on abortion were a pertinent, stressing of the fact that a number of people who have already had, or helped in abortions (a show of about one hundred hands gave some indication) and the shakiness of religious arguments based on incorrect biological fact.

Photo of Germaine Greer

On the bringing-up of children Germaine felt that the need of the moment was to form co-operative creches - not Government-controlled ones. This would bring some measure of freedom now to women who are burdened with the dual role of working end caring for the family.

Above and beyond her specific stands on particular issues was her unifying concept of personal liberation. The need of every woman to understand and desire liber-woman to understand and desire such liberation. This should lead to helping other women and men to create a better society. (Yeah. I know its a cliche but its still relevant.)