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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 No. 3. 15th March 1972


page 3


You can't talk about Germaine in the customary pseudo-cool student-journalistic non-style.

So fucking good I'm biased, after only hearing her. The book The Female Eunuch was good but most of the media coverage was bad ranging from 1970 comments (Dom Nov 21) on her "sad unsympathetic bitter" public image, to 1972 comments on her "not-so-unattractive" 33yr old characteristics. (Evening Post Mar 9).

I heard her twice, first at the reception last Wednesday. 150 people attended, in a low-ceiling room without air-conditioning and designed for 80, within the specious 80c a drink, James Cook Hotel. There was the really old guard of Women's Liberation whose beliefs are identical with Germaine's, the really old split who now run the Victoria University group and whose beliefs are not identical to Germaine's (mainly because Germaine is not directed from U.S.A.) the new group of old people, strictly within the NZ government-scientific research based groups, plus the usual NZBC and newspaper types who cluster around any media star, plus the odd trade unionist, an earnest orthodox Marxist fanatic and a few old rich drunks who wandered in by mistake. Despite the divisions and schisms there was a great feeling of unity when Germaine came in. People responded to her sincerity end warmth immediately.