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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 No. 3. 15th March 1972

Letters to the editor

page 2

Letters to the editor


Apart from Kathy Baxter's name and a fun page advertisement for a 'booby trap' bra that's so sheer nobody's quite sure if its really there' (!) there was no indication in Salient No. 1 of the existence of any women on the campus. The silent females of earlier years had the excuse that Greer hadn't reached print surely someone's sufficiently liberated by now to have something to write?

Jane Clendon


The proof of a failed painting is when nobody notices it. Such seems to be the fate of the mammoth (white elephantine?) Don Binney painting purchased by this association. The poor, dull thing, it was a part of the establishments of NZ painting and this Students Association even before it was hung. In truth, it was a part of the establishment even before it was painted- because it has been painted so many times before, and not only by Binney. How long will the imitative, ingenuous and barren frauds of NZ painting be allowed to perpetuate themselves?

Kay Nairn


Can any of your intelligent readers explain why hippies and the like refer to money as "bread" and to marijuana as "shit?" The original bread was of course the subject of a great Biblical quandary, whether it was the staff of life, or was it not to be lived by alone, I would be saddened to hear that the biggest crisis for todays youth Is over the real worth of money.

Further, Freud and co note the close psychological connection between shit (meaning excrement) and bread (meaning money). The point out the body of phrases in the language connecting the two (eg 'filthy lucre' and 'making your pile' and 'rolling in It'). They conclude that such traits as excessive orderliness, the accumulation and hoarding of money, and the pride taken in money and material possessions are the adult equivalent of the tendency of children to play with and treasure their excrement. Now do these hippies refer to marijuana as shit because of the same childish association-? Or because of some equally juvenile criminal association-?

Now I'm not going so far as to say we should nickname marijuana 'bread'. The dietary double entendre might prove too tempting, and the possible revaluation of the Biblical texts might not prove too flattering to hippie Ideals.

But I do suggest that money do hereafter be referred to as shit. For not only will the subconscious be more aptly reinforced, but also yet another Anarchist precept will thereby the accepted into the popular dialogue.

W. Blennerhassett.

The motion put forward at S.R.C. that the Students Association 'show disgust' at the attendance of the Vice Chancellor at the Suharto dinner was saddeningly reflective of soma of this Universities 'great humanists', for In trying to stop the repression outlined in Indonesia, they are quite prepared to repress Or Taylor (and anyone else in a similar position) in trying to tell him what he can and cannot do. What right has anyone to tell Dr Taylor, a man appointed not elected, a man who in this instance went as a human being and not some elected mouth machine that he should do this, that, and anything else. If he were elected, then sure, he carries an obligation to represent popular thought, but as an Individual he has a right to act freely.

Lee in what was a typically unintelligible, boring and generalisation-packed rave, spoke of Or Taylor in his Mercedes, and tearing round being entertained on our money. Where is his proof for the last assertion?

My point is that in trying to expand ideals, persons such as Lee are all too ready to tread over the very thing they are seeking to raise up. What a man does in this country is his own perogotive providing that he does not misrepresent or contravene the public, and I suggest that Or Taylor as a man did neither.

Peter Boshier.


After going to sleep in most of my Psyc. I lectures so far, I have come to the conclusion that it is not only the boring lecture material, and the poor ventilation, but the shape of the seats.

The seats look superficially, very comfortable, but after about 5 minutes leaning against the vertical back, you are forced to lean on the desk for the rest of the lecture, or at least slump in the seat. These postures are bad for correct breathing and lead rapidly to drowsiness. Whoever designed these seats should be forced to spend a couple of years in them, and whatever profit he made out of the design should be contributed to a failed student's fund.

L.G. Weeber.