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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 2. 8th March 1972

[Letter from John Hales to Salient Vol 35 No. 2. 8th March 1972]


Despite the circumnabulatory nature of Raymond Forsyth's life, about which more I know and care not, and the verbal evidence that he so relishously imparts, I must temerously ingrate to dispute a certain modicum of his material. For certes, in fact, said scungy sponger must in no leisurely manner have enjoyed the breathness of a Taranaki breeze. In struth and verity do I state this matter from most fresh and oft-repeated visual evidence, that in those gentle pastoral dales and hills, so ruptically engorged by cocky denizens of the road, the constant, and, indeed, almost like a lover, unwavering statistics, in probity show:-
  • 74% Pall Mall (red)
  • 13% Pall Mall (green)
  • 4% Rothmans
  • 2% Capstan (very surprising, this one)
  • 2% Yes
  • 5% Other, faded, waterlogged &c

This, I must in all honesty impart, is likely to be shown of utmost importance as a lucid and unprintable indicator of the bovigerent incomprehensibility of the Taranaki Mentality.

John Hales.