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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 2. 8th March 1972


page 10


As befits a student newspaper, Salient took the lead last week in advertising the previously unpublished "newlook" "blast girl" bra. The Booby Trap bra is of course only the first in the new fashion trend, and will be quickly followed by other clothes for the young men and women of today which bring out the important things in life.

The emphasis in the coming fashions is of course not on oneself, but on others. Boobytrap is the bra for men. The women who wears it says "my boobs are not mine alone, no indeed, they belong in the hands and mouth of those men with the good taste to recognise a fine pair of boobs when they see them. Boobytrap is the bra for the woman with a body to give."'

Realising that in todays world not only women are eager to show off their marketable wares, Crutchie Enterprises has plans on the drawing board for a range of "aids to male sexuality" (as they say in the clothing trade magazines). First to come off the production line will be a New Zealand version of the Keep It Warm Cock Sock, which was received with such acclaim in the fashion houses of Britain last winter. Kaiapoi are making the stretch woollen "outer", following the English design, but Zip industries are bringing a uniquely New Zealand flavour to the sock, with their own, built-in masseur/masturbator which will ensure that the well dressed man will always look his best. Advertising will emphasise that no longer need a man be under-exposed and under-shaped.

The already productive alliance with Zip Industries promises to produce another masterpiece in the Crutchie range, when the Jagger Lips are brought on the market next spring. Unlike the Cock Sock, these electrically heated and inflated organs will add to the real man's body, and rather than simply enhance his natural good qualities will actually add something of the mysterious West to his face.

In the production line for women is the new "power pubes". These clever, electrically-powered, imitation pubic hairs, will actually crawl from out under the hotpants that today's freedom loving girl is wearing. Make it clear that your care, the ads will say Production will be by United Empire Box.

Finally for people of all sexes with something to give is the new range of Rothmans cigars and cigarettes; Phallic forties for the freedom people. In pack's of forty, the new cancer sticks will be billed as the "fags to fuck by........or with." Rothman's (NZ) general manager justified the new approach by saying that in line with other leading manufacturers in NZ his firm had decided to adopt a new policy of uncompromising honesty. "Quite frankly, this new Rhodesian tobacco we are using now is a real aphrodisiac.

Hopefully Salient will continue to benefit from this new wave of enlightened enterprise.