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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 2. 8th March 1972

National and Labour Combine on Ed. Aid

National and Labour Combine on Ed. Aid

This year the National and Labour Clubs of Victoria hope that they will be able to set up an unusual tutoring scheme - but this scheme will only be possible with the help of students outside the two clubs. The people who are hoped will benefit from this scheme are young Maoris. Islanders, end children from other migrant groups.

Why do we need such a scheme? It was born from the realisation that these people start school with a ready-made handicap- partly due to language difficulties. This handicap is self-perpetuating, as the child can rarely catch up on his equally-endowed pakeha classmate, and when it comes to job hunting, he's left with the low-paid occupations. This lack of money will affect his home life, and that of his children-and so the vicious circle continues. There are very few Maori students going to University- if you're in the cafe, look round and be convinced.

Rather simplistic- but probably true. The long-term answer is more money provided by the Government to give extra tuition to these students- as many people in high places are starting to realise. On a short term basis, however, the situation can be helped by students doing the tutoring in their own time. Facilities have been promised by several headmasters, end there is the possibility of financial support from the Government.

There are two types of assistance that we can give to these students. The first, which has been tried out in the USA, was that each tutor be assigned to one student- but this scheme has its disadvantages, the main one being that few students have the time for the frequent, regular meetings that make this scheme work.

The second type of assistance is where we establish homework centres, staffed on a roster basis by about five tutors on a ratio of one tutor to five pupils Transport could be arranged to the centre, which hopefully would be a Community Centre.

The scheme, of course, is rather vague at the moment- details have to be worked out with headmasters and the like. But there is one essential to this scheme your support. If you can provide it, hand your name address, end telephone number into the Student Union office, end if we get enough names, a meeting to organise things will be held In the near future.

Don't just talk about It. Do it!