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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 1. 28 February 1972

Odd One Out

page 7

Odd One Out


1.Cleaning the bails may lead to scandal (4-6)
6.There's company for dinner! (4)
10.Land dealer gets an existing hill (7)
11.Two degrees take in top gear for freedom fighter (7)
12.Or rather the smallest routes may have it! (9)
13.A neck or two may be wrung in exam prank (5)
14.Behind a severe description (6)
15.The sun is and shines through it (8)
18.Took off, though finally perished (8)
20.Offender, formerly an Irish patriot (6)
23.Man in the drink will get a runny nose (5)
25.Viking Bled win? Shortened nickname says he talked nonsense! (9)
27.Up with a chest! (7)
28.One in a pistol is hard on the stomach (7)
29.Vulgar face distorts for Gala's mate (4)
30.With nothing outside, bears or emus could be shot through these holes 10)


1.Noted on the wall a Greek latter, and an old god returned (5)
2.Tea skit about rising part (9)
3.Spinner has decaying wings (7)
4.In holy writ a note speaks of an Asian (6)
5.Call liquor of the same label?
7.A festering carbunkle partly caused by alcohol (5)
8.Butcher has a jolly aspect (9)
9.Defraud a shaper (6)
14.Send a pram rolling and sign the answer (9)
16.Greater? No, father, in a way (9)
17.Part of speech a backward university copied exactly (8)
19.Bearing without our dignity to lower (6)
21.Inspires what 20 ac. will do badly about describing vigour (7)
22.In this type of commerce retail goods may have the dealer surrounded by silks (6)
24.Record name on list (5)
26.They are often played but curiously never ridden (5)

(answers on p.3.)

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