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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol 35 no. 1. 28 February 1972

A Gathering Of White Liberal Limousines

A Gathering Of White Liberal Limousines

The Race Relations Council (12th-13th) was opened by mayor Robbie with his pet topic of law and order in Auckland.

"We cannot allow the long-haired mobs (Panthers and Nga Tamatoa?) to ruin this beautiful city of ours."

The Council although set in an marae was conducted in pakeha style. Most of the official delegates were pakeha hence the term white liberal limousine was used. The presence of the Polynesian Panthers, the Nga-Tamatoa's and the lefties added colour to an otherwise black and white meeting. This so-called mob of leftwing shit-stirrers emphasised the institutionalised left-wing racism in our society. Most people left the meeting convinced although some were offended.

The message of the Nga-Tamatoa was clear enough. It's time the white liberals listened to them. They want to be in the fore front of moves to counteract discrimination instead of remaining passive The white liberals, if they are sincere, should support their demands. Since the country is run by whites, the liberals can bring their influence to bear on the policy makers so that justice can be done.

The Polynesian Panthers were not concerned with land as were the Nga-Tamatoa. Their demands are for more immediate things - education penal reform, job opportunities and recreational facilities They want direct action on these things. They pledged support for and would join the Race Relations Council if the new committee can convince them that they will take action this year. The newly elected committee of the Council promised to pursue the demands of the Nga-Tamatoa and of the Panthers.