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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 15. August 4, 1971

John Hales Replies

John Hales Replies

1.See my letter.
2.When I read through the volume some few poets stood out from the rest, either because they were different (Doyle, Brunton, List) or because they were doing the old thing in a better way (Smithyman, Wedde, Glover, Pasley). The poets mentioned in Alistair Campbell's letter have the same single characteristic: they were young.
3.This proves how out-of-date the volume is.
4.I did not intend it so.
5.James Baxter wrote three mediocre poems.
6.I was not a rejected contributor; I was not a contributor; I would have been rejected if I had been a contributor: I am not a poet; I have no intentions of becoming a poet; I am nothing but a poor anonymous public servant.

Would you please correct your mistake and publish the name of the reviewer of Frank Mackay's "Poetry Yearbook"? I am presuming of course, that you would not accept, nor publish intentionally unsigned reviews.

Jack Lasenby