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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 15. August 4, 1971



Soccer Notes

The Senior 1st team has now lifted itself clear of the bottom of the points table after a convincing 5-2 win over W.D.U. If the reshuffled forward line can maintain its form, relegation worries should be over.

On Sunday, 4 July, a University team travelled to Palmerston North for a pre-Tournament fixture against Massey. The ground was in excellent order and the weather perfect. During the opening minutes, Massey looked dangerous with several raids down the right flank although Victoria was playing more constructively. After 15 minutes, P. Peters received a long pass and staved off the fullback's challenge to slide the ball' past the Massey keeper. 10 minutes later, against the run of play, Massey equalised from a goalmouth scramble following a corner Victoria was attacking strongly however and several firm shots nearly found the net. At half time the score was still even.

5 minutes into the second half, B. Park was brought down in the Massey penalty area and I. Garner scored from the direct free kick. 2 minutes later Massey retaliated when C. Brown, who was playing a great game in goal for Victoria, failed to hold a Massey shot and the ball rolled clear for an unmarked winger to push home. 3 minutes later, another - defensive error led to Massey's third goal.

At this stage Massey, who had made 4 substitutes, looked as if they might take control of the game. However, Victoria were beginning to exploit the weaknesses of the Massey wing defence—in a well executed move, D. Bradshaw ran on to a long ball and crossed to A. Park who rammed it into the corner of the net. Less than a minute later, B. Park picked up a loose ball and his shot was mishandled by the Massey keeper to put Victoria ahead 4-3. Massey was not beaten though, and despite some courageous saves by C. Brown, they eventually levelled midway through the spell when a strong shot richocheted off the post for an attacker to capitalise on.

Up to this point, the game had been notable for the good ball control of both teams, but passes became a little misdirected as the players tired. Nevertheless, Victoria had numerous changes and it was a just reward when D. Brad-shaw scored the winning goal from close range 5 minutes before full time. The final score was Victoria 5, Massey 4.

This result augurs well for Victoria's Tournament chances, since we suffered a heavy defeat by Massey last year. Victoria's forwards and mid-field players all combined well and if the defence can be steadied, our prospects must be good.

Ian Dunn on Rugby

Now that first rounds throughout the grades have been completed it is appropriate to take time out for a look at the achievements of some teams and to wish others the best as they face the crucial second series.

For Mick Bremmer, Tony Timms and the A's there is a very real possibility of a Jubilee Cup win providing they continue to adhere to the positive, thinking, dedicated brand of rugby which Mic and Tony have proved so adept at inculcating in their team.

Although many tend to regard a club's A side as the glamour team (and preferably so) the effort of every team has put University at the top of the club championship.

The Senior 3rd team is a side which will show it appreciate the need for diligence and dedication as it moves into the promotion relegation series Luck has not really been with Hank Apanowic's men and they can be considered unfortunate to find themseIves in this series. Players in this team do not get the glamour or the kudos showered on other sides but they are still involved in training (to which they must continue to dedicate themselves) and in club activities. These attitudes of the players will ensure success.

The spirit of this team is encouraging as the whole club is counting on these players in the difficult series they commence next Saturday. I say encouraging because the club's status in the Senior 3rd division will be maintained by the players who have taken the field for this team throughout the season. Their efforts have not always been in vain and with the experience of men like Malcolm Chapman, Mike McKinley, Graeme Southerland, and Dick Graves blending with younger forwards such as Peter Farrel, the ingredients for a match winning pack are available. Behind them players such as Russell Patterson (a most competent halfback), Jock Kershaw, Paul Phillip, Denis Kirkcaldie, Mike Blewman, John Delaney and that fine example of a dedicated footballer, Alan Isaacs will with the other backs in the squad complement the forward efford in the games ahead. So we wish you blokes all the best, confident that you will prevail as long as you adopt the 3 D's-dedication, (especially in training) determination and domination. Your regulars of the side will be the key members of the team in the games ahead and this is only proper - you don't need imports to carry you through - it's up to you - we are relying on you.

Car Club Midnight Rally

The Club's biggest event of the year, a 7 hour rally beginning at midnight, will be held on Saturday 7 August.

While the event has been designed with 2-man crews in mind, it will nevertheless put even a 4-man crew to the test. The emphasis has been shifted from timekeeping and this usually means the navigation becomes more complex; the "Midnight" is no exception to this rule. However, it will not be simply an intellectual exercise - far from it!

The first requirement is of the driver - the rally will be of average pace in some sections, quick in others, and flat out in the Special Stage. The Special Stage itself is optional and demands front seat crew to have seat belts.

Secondly the navigator - a variety of forms of running instructions will be used, and these will incorporate some completely new ideas. No instructions which are designed to confuse or deceive the competitors will be used.

Thirdly the timekeeper - if you are not already late, and you are on course, he will mean you lose even less points. However whether or not you win the event depends not so much on him as on the other two.

A meal break is provided (1 hour) during the night.

This should be the most interesting event the Club has yet seen. For all enquiries ring 783-910 evenings. See advertisements S.U.B. for further details.


It seems that the name of the game is "thugby". The disgraceful behaviour of certain teams in the local rugby competition is getting more and more serious. Every Saturday now a mockery is being made of the traditional qualities of all sports, let alone rugby.

University teams have been particularly subject to the unsports manlike attitudes of certain teams. This is probably because:
(i)those people who play rugby under the Senior level have in general a low opinion of students (to put it mildly!). Such war-crys as "get the long-haired pricks" are now so commonplace as to be ignored. This simply serves to illusrate the kind of attitude underlying rugby games in which students are involved.
(ii)the fact that lower-grade students teams have a fine winning record and a reputation for bright rugby is another factor which comes in to play.

So there is a basic feeling against students already. Certain clubs, particularly the Porirua R.F.C. have carried this further. Porirua R.F.C. is a particularly bad proponent in that it can rely on racism to come to the fore in its fixtures. It is a great pity that the Islanders in this Club have not been trained in the traditional qualities of sport, and see their games as "win...or else". It is an indictment of their administrators that they should continue to ignore what the Wellington Rugby Union has said; they must train teams to play rugby and rugby only, on the field. They are capable of sparkling rugby but at the moment teams just do not want to play them be ause of their unpredictable and sometimes brutal behaviour.

Stories of players striking referees, reserves rushing out onto the field to join the fray, and supporters screaming encouragement to their "fighters" are now circulating in local newspapers. University teams have not been the only ones to be involved, but they have been the worst affected, because of the factors I have outlined above.

The Junior 7 A's have been particularly hard hit in several matches against a team representing Witako prison, Wainui-omata teams and Porirua. Sometimes their games have been called off early, and many times players in this team have been quite badly hurt.

Rugby is a hard, physical-contact game. University teams play it hard, and I do not wish to say that they are without fault themselves. However, it seems they are bearing the brunt of the brutal attitudes of many of the teams in the local Rugby competition.

Winter Tournament

Train fare to Auckland $15.05. Departs Wellington Saturday 14 August 9.05pm arriving at Auckland on Sunday at 9.50am. Stops at Palmerston North and Frankton for "refreshments".

Departs Auckland Friday 20 August at 1.45 am arriving Wellington at 3.30pm that afternoon. Stops at Taihape and Palmerston North.


Well, you've read a lot of shit about us non-training teams, so it's time some of it was slung back. The only thing that has stopped us, of the unbeaten Junior 7A's, sharing our glories is modesty. Face it, when you've scored 266 points for only 66 against after 11 games then you just don't need advertising!

Lesson one, how to average 24 points a game! Score 55 tries and have two goal-kickers that would shame Barry John. We scored tries so regularly we had 120 points before we kicked our first penalty. Of the 266 points, Ian Storkie claims 81, and Peter Beven another 50—including 9 tries. The all-round quality of our scoring has been breathtaking—45 of our tries have come from the backs.

Not that these points weren't hard to come by. It cost dislocated shoulders, displaced vertebrae, (the fuzzy-haired law student forced to walk round like a 'Roxy midnite-zombie'), wrenched ligaments, concussion, stitches, one engagement and one marriage.

And all this has been against opposition of a phenomenal standard—comparatively Any prick in more vaunted grades who thinks the sun shines out of his teams' [unclear: eholes] ought to arrange a 'friendly' against the 'meanies' from Wi Tako prison who play in our grade. 'Friendly 'is about as fitting as 'social'—its just not. We managed to draw only because of a sympathetic referee who sickened at the sight of blood, and horizontal students, mercifully called the bout off early.

So what's our secrets Well we drink our share and simply rely on team spirit, inspired leadership and all-round greatness So some-body better tell Dunny to make sure 'J7A' goes on that McKay. Memorial shield because we're out to claim it.