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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 15. August 4, 1971



Well, you've read a lot of shit about us non-training teams, so it's time some of it was slung back. The only thing that has stopped us, of the unbeaten Junior 7A's, sharing our glories is modesty. Face it, when you've scored 266 points for only 66 against after 11 games then you just don't need advertising!

Lesson one, how to average 24 points a game! Score 55 tries and have two goal-kickers that would shame Barry John. We scored tries so regularly we had 120 points before we kicked our first penalty. Of the 266 points, Ian Storkie claims 81, and Peter Beven another 50—including 9 tries. The all-round quality of our scoring has been breathtaking—45 of our tries have come from the backs.

Not that these points weren't hard to come by. It cost dislocated shoulders, displaced vertebrae, (the fuzzy-haired law student forced to walk round like a 'Roxy midnite-zombie'), wrenched ligaments, concussion, stitches, one engagement and one marriage.

And all this has been against opposition of a phenomenal standard—comparatively Any prick in more vaunted grades who thinks the sun shines out of his teams' [unclear: eholes] ought to arrange a 'friendly' against the 'meanies' from Wi Tako prison who play in our grade. 'Friendly 'is about as fitting as 'social'—its just not. We managed to draw only because of a sympathetic referee who sickened at the sight of blood, and horizontal students, mercifully called the bout off early.

So what's our secrets Well we drink our share and simply rely on team spirit, inspired leadership and all-round greatness So some-body better tell Dunny to make sure 'J7A' goes on that McKay. Memorial shield because we're out to claim it.