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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 15. August 4, 1971

Ian Dunn on Rugby

Ian Dunn on Rugby

Now that first rounds throughout the grades have been completed it is appropriate to take time out for a look at the achievements of some teams and to wish others the best as they face the crucial second series.

For Mick Bremmer, Tony Timms and the A's there is a very real possibility of a Jubilee Cup win providing they continue to adhere to the positive, thinking, dedicated brand of rugby which Mic and Tony have proved so adept at inculcating in their team.

Although many tend to regard a club's A side as the glamour team (and preferably so) the effort of every team has put University at the top of the club championship.

The Senior 3rd team is a side which will show it appreciate the need for diligence and dedication as it moves into the promotion relegation series Luck has not really been with Hank Apanowic's men and they can be considered unfortunate to find themseIves in this series. Players in this team do not get the glamour or the kudos showered on other sides but they are still involved in training (to which they must continue to dedicate themselves) and in club activities. These attitudes of the players will ensure success.

The spirit of this team is encouraging as the whole club is counting on these players in the difficult series they commence next Saturday. I say encouraging because the club's status in the Senior 3rd division will be maintained by the players who have taken the field for this team throughout the season. Their efforts have not always been in vain and with the experience of men like Malcolm Chapman, Mike McKinley, Graeme Southerland, and Dick Graves blending with younger forwards such as Peter Farrel, the ingredients for a match winning pack are available. Behind them players such as Russell Patterson (a most competent halfback), Jock Kershaw, Paul Phillip, Denis Kirkcaldie, Mike Blewman, John Delaney and that fine example of a dedicated footballer, Alan Isaacs will with the other backs in the squad complement the forward efford in the games ahead. So we wish you blokes all the best, confident that you will prevail as long as you adopt the 3 D's-dedication, (especially in training) determination and domination. Your regulars of the side will be the key members of the team in the games ahead and this is only proper - you don't need imports to carry you through - it's up to you - we are relying on you.