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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 15. August 4, 1971



In the conclusion of his report, Ian Stockwell has stated that it appears that "facilities for sports at Victoria University will not be significantly improved for a considerable period of time." And it is a fact that nothing really concrete has yet emerged from a welter of reports and planning: it is interesting that Alan Laidler was asking for "immediate" extensions to the gym late in 1969.

This delay however, is not only a result of tardiness and short-sightedness on the part of the previous administrators. The major factor responsible is, (as generally is the case in matters such as these), a lack of finance. This itself is no doubt a function of 'Muldoonism" at its worst-students should be seen as training to be productive non entities; sports training or even recreational sport is thus simply superfluous to the major role of every "successful' student should be undertaking. (I guess it boils down to one's definition of "productive").

Consequently student Bodies are constantly being restricted in their development, if their function is irrelevant to the prime concerns of a Government whose record shows a marked lack of appreciation for the values of a broad education. Not every student body can overcome this restriction. In a sense, the club rooms recently built by Victoria's rugby club show that with initiative and application things can be achieved despite a lack of direct financial help from Governmental sources.

The overlap between short-term improvement and long-term developments is not easy to avoid. Therefore any initial building should, ideally, be in keeping with the overall future plans. It is heartening to see that a harmonious blending of both these spheres of planning is guaranteed by the planners, who appear determined to unify their designs so that the land surrounding the buildings is not completely desecrated. There is a feeling at the moment that Victoria University needs beautifying, with gardens, trees and so on, and it is obvious that the University planners share this feeling; Universities are not meant to consist of ugly dismal buildings which lack beauty and atmosphere.

From a short term point of view, hopes look like becoming reality reasonably soon. We can look forward to a more efficient and roomy gymnasium. How about the long term hopes of those interested in the growth of Victoria? As Ian Stockwell puts it:

"Great value is seen...in a future Student Union complex of facilities which is designed to house together groups meeting for cultural, social, musical, dramatic, artistic and (physical) recreational purposes. There will for many years be need for the exisiting type of large sports halls and for teaching rooms, but it is likely that in the future there will be increased demands for the type of facility which could well be incorporated into the Union complex mentioned."

One can only hope that such a building program will be undertaken in the not-too-distant future.

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