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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 14. July 21, 1971

Sport — with peter winter


with peter winter

Gym 'n' all that

Intramural sport is that mildly strenuous activity which enlivens the gymnasium most lunch times of the week. Vigorous hoards have been engaged in the various competitions since 1966 when Intramural Sport was first organised at this university by Alan Laidler. This activity is intended for the person who enjoys a regular team game but doesn't want to burden himself with all that tiresome training junk.

Intramural means, "within the walls of" and the Intramural Sport is for members of the university. No bulldozer drivers, fishermen or members of Parliament here! Team members are not competitiomaniacs, nor are they super stars who battle against each other for some elusive supremacy: they are average, ordinary, unique individuals very much like you.

The Physical Welfare Staff arrange the draw and take team entries and sustazin the competition for as long as teams want to continue, usually into the third term. Anyone can form a team, groups of friends, people sharing a flat or doing the same unit, "old school" groups or spontaneous combinations can be included. It is important that team members be available to play anytime between 12 noon and 2.00pm as games are scheduled throughout this time. The regular pattern (for regular guys) this year has been:
Badminton Mixed teams of 2 men and 2 women
Indoor Soccer: 4 males (virgin ground for Women's Lib!)
Basketball: Mixed or segregated teams, 4 a side.
Volleyball: Mixed teams of 6.
The first term was a "Round Robin" Competition, followed by a "Championship Knockout" Competition this term. Results for 1971 are:
Round Robin —Chemistry
Knockout —Chemistry
Round Robin —English
Knockout —History

Harriers Club

Something of the diversified nature of a university sports club was evident in the 'Vic' Harrier Club's championship held last week. The leading runners personified a varying mixture of dedication and ability (not necessarily in that order) whilst a distinct social outlook was evident further back in the field. Nonetheless, all tackled the strenuous 7½ mile course in a manner designed to achieve some personal satisfaction from their exertions.

The course at Queen Elizabeth Park, Paekakariki provided an excellent test of crosscountry ability. Runners were confronted with torturous sand hills, beach running, muddy ditches and the "bull-paddock". An assortment of tricky fence obstacles gave scope to the more athletic types to demonstrate their gymnastic prowess.

A fine run from Ian Stockwell gained him his third successive club championship title. Stock-well is in top form at present and should go close to Wellington representation later this year. George Seconi ran a steady race for second some two minutes behind Stockwell.

Most interest in the race centred on the three-way battle for third place between Bruce Batten, Ian Hunt and Tony Woolhouse. Batten finally won through with a determined burst at the beginning of the third lap, opening up a gap which he held to the finish. Wool-house showed up the value of a fine hurdling technique on the obstacle-riddent course, but lack of training showed through in the final stages and Hunt pulled ahead to ensure fourth placing.

Unfortunately, the club has lost a number of top runners this year and it appears that teams for Tournament and the Wellington Provincial championships will be weaker than last year. However, several promising new members including Bruce Batten, Frank Nolan, Bruce Cummings and Ian Tracy should ensure the basis for stronger teams next year.

Ian Hunt

Andy Wright Says:

Friday night was the meeting that involved the most shit-stirring. This was the meeting of the finance commission of NZUSA and was attended by most student association Treasurers along with their sports reps.

Rob Garlick of Auckland set the tone of the meeting with a general shit-stir about the minutes of the last meeting. After his objections were sorted out discussion of the NZUSA budget arose. Last year the NZUSA Executive was expanded to comprise: (a) President Exec and (b) Full Exec - includes representatives from each university.

It was planned in this year's budget to allow for the cost of return air fares for university delegates to the full Exec but strong disagreement arose.

Auckland proposed deleting the travel cost altogether but there was no seconder for this motion. Massey then proposed that 2nd class return surface fare only be paid and this was seconded by Vic's Treasurer, "Scrooge McWebb".

Auckland abstained from approving the budget because approximately 70% of it went on travel. Although this was altered in areas it wasn't enough to suit Auckland whose exec seemed slightly pissed off with NZUSA. Due to an administrative mess up budgets were received only four days before the A.G.M. and Auckland felt it hadn't had enough time to go into it.

As regards the travel costs it should be pointed out that NZUSA Exec members and Blues Panel members give their services voluntarily and the travel costs are for the cost of transporting them to the various Tournaments which, of necessity they must attend.

Finance Commission recommended to the A.G.M. that the constant 6c per student p.a. levy for tours by sports teams overseas be amended to allow the Treasurers to fix the amount payable to the tour fund each year.

Distribution of costs arose and while Auckland agreed to a pro rata basis for the allocation of the administration budget they wouldn't agree to the same type of allocation for the recovery account for Tournaments.

The situation at the moment is that Auckland, Vic, Canterbury, and Otago bear 20% of each Tournament with the remaining 20% being borne by Waikato, Massey and Lincoln. It was proposed to change this to payment on a pro rata basis. Auckland would then pay 27%, Vic 16%, Canterbury 21% and Otago 15%.

Needless to say Auckland wouldn't accept this increased cost although Canterbury would. As the recommendation to the AGM had to be unanimous it lapsed becuase of Auckland's dissent. At the same time Lincoln made it clear that it was opposed to the present system of allocation and wished the pro rata system to come into effect.


Briefly the following was done:

(a) Eligibility regulations were amended to enable any person enrolled at University who had paid his Studass fee, and is a competing member of his club to play for his University at Easter and Winter Tournments. The academic requirements were however retained for eligibility for N.Z.U. teams and Blues, namely that a student must be enrolled in and attending at least six hours of lectures, tutorials and practicals per week. The reasoning behind this change is that it enables all enrolled at Universites to compete in the internal Tournaments but still requires them to be "full time" students to be included in N.Z.U. teams for tours overseas. Australia has made noises about the teams not comprising full time students and would probably not accept a team from N.Z.U. made up of people who were perhaps doing 2 hours of university work per week.

(b) Waikato joint Campus Council applied for admittance to N.Z.U., the Council being comprised of University and Teacher's college students. The main hang up was that they wanted their Teacher's college students to be eligible for N.Z.U. teams which they wouldn't be unless they were doing a minimun amount of time at University.

While the eligibility regulations as amended will enable students of the Council to attend Tournament they exclude them from N.Z.U. teams & blues unless they comply with the academic qualification. Waikato made an application to join on these conditions, subject to approval by their S.G.M.

Winter Tournament;

Clubs have had quite a few weeks notice of deadline dates for Winter Tournament if they cared to clear their mail.

Just to put them in the picture again.

Eligibility and Billeting fomrs must be in at the Stud Ass Office by Monday 26th July.

If they are not in by this date your team may well crap out at Tournament by not being eligible to play. I have no intention of nurse maiding teams by chasing them up for the relevant forms. If you want to compete its your respondibility to meet the above deadline or come across with a bloody good reason why you can't and a firm date as to when they will arrive.

The relevant forms are obtainable from Stud Ass Office. Note that the eligibility regs have been changed so make sure you've got the new ones.

If you picked your eligibility forms up before 9th July you will neeed new ones.

Travel: 8.30pm train to Ak on Sat 14th August.

Return in wee hours of Friday 20th. Train leaves at 2am and will be at the platform from midnight.

Treasurer's Supplementary Note on the Cost of Sports' activities to the Association

This year out of an income of $28,650 the Students' Association will spend close on $8,222 on Sports' activities. This figure is constituted as follows:
5510 Sports Club Grant
1279 Easter Tournament
480 Winter Tournament
75 Ski Tournament
560 N.Z.U.S.U. Levy
318 N.Z.U.S.U. Overseas Tournament Levy

When it is considered that 96 competitors went to Easter Tournament and 150 are proposing to travel to Auckland for Winter Tournament, the cost of sports activities seems to be coming disproportionately large. This year I am proposing that no travel subsidies be given for Winter Tournament, the reason being that $8222 is well above the amount budgeted for sports activities.

T.L. Webb,