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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 14. July 21, 1971

[Letter from Peter Hodder]

It is interesting that under both the existing and proposed regulations for the B.A. degree at Victoria it is not easy for students to transfer from Waikato to Victoria and vice-versa.

For first degrees in the University of Waikato, students are required to complete 22 courses. This is equivalent to the nine units arts degree at Victoria. Thus, under the present system: 1 Waikato course equals 0.409 Victoria units and 1 Victoria unit equals 2.44 Waikato courses. Under the proposed 108 credit system at Victoria, I Waikato course equals 4.90909 Victoria credits.

Such a difficulty would be resolved if Victoria were to intoduce a 1188 credit degree, whereby each Victoria unit would be equivalent to 99 credits and each Waikato course equivalent to 54 credits.

The number 1188 has the duodecimal significance deemed so important by the Victoria arts faculty as well as incorporating the "Waikato number", 22. (It is of note that whereas the number 12 is arbitary, the number 22 is not; being the sum of the number of letters in the University of Waikato's, motto and the number of heraldic symbols of the University's coat of arms).

Such a suggestion should be received with great joy, for if introduced would provide almost limitless combinations for students to incorporate in their degrees. Eventually, it may be possible for students to have 1188 different subjects in their degree; what better argument could there be than the 1188 credit course to floor those who think university education too specialist-oriented?

Peter Hodder