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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 10. 1971



The article by Richard Greenfield B.C.A. in last week's Salient does nothing to enhance his reputation as the past Treasurer of V.U.W.S.A. Perhaps Mr Greenfield B.C.A. fancies his vocation a a financial prophet extraordinaire. Mr Greenfield B.C.A. conveniently avoids mentioning that the $4,000 profit Arts Festival made last year is going directly into the Association's general account. $2,500 of it will go to the Union to provide sound equipment for the theatre, but the other $1,500 is practically floating this Association. The credit for this unexpected money is Graeme Nesbitt's, ex-Cultural Affairs Officer, but no money is to go to Cultural Affairs.

The comments concerning the Rugby, Cricket and Visual Arts Clubs are inaccurate entirely. Last year there were no persons on the councils supervising grants to dole out large amounts of money to these clubs through any personal motive, as Mr Greenfield B.C.A. implies. If he is perhaps referring to this year, I have no money to give out yet. The visual Arts Club has received more money than political and religious clubs because the Cultural Affairs Officer knew that club needed the money more. The club puts most of its money into assets for the Association and provides classes on a subject that is not taught within the University anywhere else. Reasons for doing anything are not for simply wanting it that way, as Mr Greenfield B.C.A. facilely suggests. Mr Greenfield B.C.A. may like to know that Visual Arts is holding a multi-media show ("Collusion") mainly for its aesthetic value, but perhaps to raise some urgently needed money also.

Reducing grants to some clubs will force them out of action altogether. I maintain that club grants must be kept at the level they now are and at the same time encourage clubs to raise their own finance. Club accounts are in a bad way but this is being remedied under threat of cut grants. The Drama Society is receiving no grant this year as it is felt that this club has a Urge enough source of income, if it liked to use it efficiently, and has better facilities available to it than any other club.

As for Mr Greenfield's statement of finances. We were under the impression that the Association's deficit was $950 last year, as stated in this year's Annual General Report, not $3,550.

Gil Peterson