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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 6. 1971

Rifle Shooting:

Rifle Shooting:

Vic's team left with high hopes of bringing back the Haslam Shield so rudely swiped by Massey last year, and with a team of considerable combined experience we were in a good position to do so. However, Massey were able to produce virtually a repetition of last year's top-scoring team, and the battle was on.

The Pelichet Bay range provided excellent conditions for Vic's John Whiteman to open the scoring with a possible 50 at 300yds, but Massey were able to get 10 points ahead by the end of the 300 yds. But then two 50's, from Whiteman and Neville Wynn, helped reduce Massey's lead to only 5 after 500 yds., and the first 100yd. shoot in the afternoon put Vic ahead by 2 points. Whether it was the pressure, or just the night before, Vic cracked up at this stage, though it was anybody's match till the last shooters. However the second 600 yd. shoot gave Massey a total of 1123 (1200 possible), Vic 1114, Otago 1076, Lincoln 1027 (Canterbury's team was incomplete).

Top scorer for the day was J. Whiteman, with 197 (200 possible), with J. McLaren (Massey) on 195 and M. Adlam (Canterbury) on 189.

An N.Z.U. team was selected to shoot on Monday, against an Otago Assn. team which wasn't able to turn up, and a North v South Universities match was held simultaneously.

The N Z.U. team, with total scores on Monday over 300, 500, 600, 600 yds:
J. Whiteman (VUW) 196
J. McLaren (MU) 196
I. Warrington (MU) 192
J. McKinlay (VUW) 192
I. Holmes (MU) 188
N. Garnett (MU) 188
M. Adlam (CU) 187
P. Sutton (MU) 186
G. Adlam (VUW) 190
R. Miller (OU) 187

Remaining Vic shooters N. Wynn, M. Apthorp and K. McGregor shot for North Island (1449) which lost to South Island (1474).

Although not victorious in the shooting the team were fully represented in all social events, special credit going to Jim McKinlay for helping Massey to not win the Drinking Horn, after a busy morning during which Vic won the Canterbury University Newts Trophy for the fastest drinking shooters.

Congratulations are also due on the award of N.Z.U. Blues to John Whiteman (Vic) and John McLaren (Massey), while still under consideration at time of writing are Jim McKinlay (Vic) and Ian Warrington (Massey).