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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 6. 1971

Letter: Rock Reviews

Letter: Rock Reviews

Wow! A whole pages worth of rock record reviews!

Mr McLatchie wasn't too bad; only half-a-dozen stickey moments (what was he writing - a record review or the introductory chapter of a theology treatise?) but Mr Forsman got lost somewhere between his first phrase ("Once upon a time") and his last sentence ("The balance is there, it's just that we must find and accept it"). That last sentence of his is quite good. Where did Mr Forsman go wrong? Talking about the Moody Blues he says "their music ... reflected the deceivingly simple yet terribly complex attitudes that they had to life and to music. These two records were essentially a search for truth .. " and "I get the feeling that the 'Moody Blues' ... deliberately insulated themselves from the modern world or from reality - yet were attempting to communicate with the world a message or judgement on reality" or later "the lyrics are reallygreat."

Hells bloody bells, boy, what does it mean? I mean hell, I have a private "audio-video dialogue?" and "meaningful" words haven't been with us for years, I thought.

Are view should be just that, not an advertisement, and especially not a bad advertisement. O.K., so it's hard to write a review, but does it have to be just another nauseating exercise in superlatives.

Chris Clayton