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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 6. 1971

Wright on, S.A.L

Wright on, S.A.L.

This is to certify that I was the author of the article "Trots eat Shit" published in Salient.

I make this declaration because the article has been taken as genuine by members of the S.A.L., who have accused various ex-members of having written it.

I believe it is obvious that the article is fictional from the fact that it is labelled as "a true life confession."

However all the statements in the article that purport to be facts are in fact true, as is evident by the fact that S.A.L. members took them as such. These facts came to my knowledge from a number of sources.

As is well known, members of S.A.L. are sworn to total secrecy about the internal affairs of the League, but from my experience it is evident that this secrecy is not observed.

I have reason to believe that S.A.L. has been infiltrated by various other groups, since reports of their meetings have reached me within hours of a meeting.

I wrote the article in the form it took because an earlier form of the article as straight reportage was declined by the editor of Salient, as were 38 other articles written by me for Salient this year. In view of these rejections I have adopted the practice of writing pseudonymous or anonymous articles. I was anxious to see the material in "Trots eat Shit" in Salient because it is in the interests of students to know what is involved in membership of the S.A.L.

Niel Wright