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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 34, Number 5. 1971


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Yoga is a sanskrit word which means union: a union involving the techniques of self discipline and mental concentration. A yogi is the person who practises such techniques.

The easiest approach to yoga is through the physical channel and we use this as a starting point for the union of the physical, mental and spiritual facets of the individual. A complete system of yoga is not practical for the general public since it forces a person to lead the life of a recluse so that he may devote much of his time to meditation.

Sir Aurobindo, one of the most famous Indian yogis, wrote this of meditation: 'Trance is a way of escape the body is made quiet, the physical mind is in a state of torpor, the inner consciousness is left free to go on with its experience, the disadvantage is that trance becomes indispensable and that the problem of waking consciousness is not solved, it remains imperfect."

Through yoga one can gain the mental quiet which allows a greater ability to concentrate at will and a greater sense of inner peace. The result is a better understanding of oneself.

Here at University the valuable gain from a yoga class is the wonderful feeling of relaxation coupled with a feeling of extreme well-being. Breathing is very important and rhythmic control of the breath helps lead towards mental quiet and thence meditation.

Yoga classes: Gymnasium

Monday 2-3

Tuesday 4-5

Thursday 12-1

Photo of students attending a yoga class

Lynda Rigler.