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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 14. 1970

Serious Implications

Serious Implications

Patrys" and its junior police force present some serious implications, one of the most immediate of which must be that those day trippers from overseas industry, commerce and politics who swiftly tour South Africa (and then often proclaim themselves experts on that country) are, in fact, largely ignorant of the real South Africa unless they are fluent in Afrikaans and know where to look.

Another disturbing implication is that even the few facts quoted above—from only one issue of one Afrikaner Nationalist publication show clearly enough the bitter prejudices being built into the majority group of the future white South African nation.

In future those who seek to whitewash the regime in Pretoria will have to do so in the face of the plain evidence from one of that regime's own publications as to what it is doing to its own children, and what it is doing to race relations in its country. And not only there—for the "Patrys" Detective Club operates in Rhodesia too.

By John Lawrence

"Guardian" Manchester Reprinted from "The Press" Christchurch by permission.