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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 14. 1970

"Treacherous" Bantus

"Treacherous" Bantus

Africans (always called "Bantu"—a term they dislike as much as Englishmen detest Limey") are consistently depicted as treacherous or stupid savages. A story "Guard on the Border" in this issue contains a character's comments: "I don't know much about wild animals, but I do know the Bantu. I know him as a superstitious scoundrel."

The second aspect of "Patrys" is its Detective Club Apparently, since 1966 the enthusiasm of its child members for arresting people has increased, for above the entry form on page 38 members are warned that "Patrys' detectives must understand that they are only the eyes and ears of the Police ..." and only have the right of arrest "in an emergency."

General — Major Joubert's address is given as "Head-quarters, South African Police, Pretoria." and the following page carries the interesting message- "Will all Patrys' Detectives in Pretoria North, who are aged over 15 years, please write their name, address and date of birth on a stout card and hand it in at the Charge Office at Pretoria North Police Station." The club itself accepts "Detectives" from the age of 12.

The third aspect is the existence of gangs or groups of "Patrys" Detectives, whose gang-badges are published in the magazine. One shows a man caught in the sights of a hunting rifle. Another carries the motto "Revenge is Sweet"