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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 14. 1970

Reduced use of pesticides:

Reduced use of pesticides:

Pesticides are simply a form of pollution. However, they may be indirectly lethal to man and certainly affect many useful and aesthetically valuable organisms.

New Zealand is blessed with an absence of many of the world's most serious agricultural pests and disease carriers. In the long run only other animals can effectively control pests; this is biological control. But biological controls are slow and expensive to develop whereas chemical controls are cheap and fast. New Zealand uses cheap and fast measures even though it is widely recognized that pesticides encourage outbreaks of vigorous resistant strains. This does not apply to biological controls. New Zealand can afford to lead the world in this field but, as usual, fails...

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Ecology action is something you do, rather than join. However, if you are interested in an Ecology action group contact:

J.A. Bartle, (Zoology Dept.) or G.N. Park (Botany Dept.)

V.U.W., P.O. Box 196, Wellington.