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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33 No. 14. 1970

Student Concessions

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Student Concessions

Strand Tailors 138 Willis Street $4.00 off any suit
Bill Sinclair's Trouser Bar 145 Manners Street 5% off, plus free belt and voucher for dry-clean
Salvis Trouser Bar 23 Willis Street 5%
Continental Tailors 4 Manners Street 10%
Felicity Gowns Willis Street 10%
Jean Cameron Ltd Transport Centre L.H. 7½%
Helene Foundations 60-66 Willis Street 10%
Le Chic Footwear 78 Manners Street 5%
Bowerco Footwear Ltd 123a Cuba Street 5%
Lock Footwear Ltd 131 Cuba Street 5%
Mark Kendall Ltd 117a Manners Street 5%
Household Goods
Matthew and Livingstone 66 Ghuznee Street 15% on Mattresses; Blankets Sheets; Towels; Bedspreads Pillows.
10% on Wheelbarrows: Revolving Clothe slines: Ladders; Venetian Blinds: Power Tools; Hand Tools: Electric Razors; Cutlery: Presentation Gifts: Camping Equipment; Tents; Sleeping Bags: Sun Umbrellas: Outdoor Furniture; Barbecues, etc: T.V.; Radios; Radiograms; Refrigerators: Washing Machine; Clothesdriers: Foodmixers; Electric Jugs; Irons; Fry pans; Motor mowers; Electrical Ranges; Heaters; Ironing Boards; Electric Blankets.
Wholesale Furnishers 7 Herbert Street 15% on Corpets and Beddnig Venetian Blinds
McMurray Water-Heaters Ltd 45 Lower Cuba Street 7%
Henry Savage Ltd 5% on Saddlery
86 Lambton Quay 5% on Travel goods
A. Green Jewellers Co. 203 Lambton Quay (T&G) 10%
Walker & Hall 99 The Terrace (Woodward House) 25% except on cigarette lighters, pen and pencil sets, hotel stainless steel ware.
Clements & Holmes 62 Willis Street 12% on all rings (except diamonds); bracelets; pendants; necklaces; earrings; clocks; barometers; cufflinks etc; lighters; cutlery; tankards; watches. 5% on diamond rings.
Major Hairstylists 114 Willis Street 20%, on Monday, Thursday
Cinderella Beauty Salon 9 Woodward Street 15%
Ayline Gallagher Beauty Salon Normandie Building, Cuba St. 20%
Spencer Digby (photography) Prudential Building Lambton Quay 10%
Unity Theatre Ltd 225 Aro Street 25% (at least)
St George Billiard Saloon 25% Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
Whitcombe & Caldwell Ltd 45 Willis Street 5% off all sporting goods available to sports clubs only
Downstage Jervois Quay reduction for student members
John Reid Squash Courts Salamanca Road Club members only
Marjean Florists Ltd Cnr Featherston & Brandon Sts 10%
Dominion Driving School 10%
Central Driving School 10%
N.Z. Driving School 10%
Alert & Alive Driving School 5%
Gateway Bookshop Dominion Lite Arcade 10%

The above list is not complete

The grass field opposite the San Francisco Airport was on fire. Smoke blew across the freeway; a controlled burn to clear land tor something; perhaps a shopping centre, factory or new parking lot.

Above the field a hawk hung in the air. This was his turf. Each time a small animal broke from cover the hawk's wing dipped instinctively to dive. But each time the hawk held back and slid up to his original place. After a while whenever anything jumped, the hawk ignored it. He just lay somberly on the wind and watched the yellow grass turn steadily black.

I saw this on Wednesday July 30 1969.

Although Salient is existing on an on-off basis, it is intended to produce one more issue this year; it will appear on October 7th.

So if you've anything to say to the world, hand it in by October 1st.

Edited for and on behalf of the Victoria University Students Association, P.O. Box 196, Wellington by Graeme Collins and printed by the Wanganui Chronicle Company Ltd, P.O. Box 433, Wanganui.