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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 33, Number 13. 1970

Good News:God no

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Good News:God no

Montage of photos from theatre performances

Perhaps the following description by a bored, tired Waikato student is a little harsh, but nevertheless an "Absolutely Fantastic, Abortive Fiasco" seems to have been the concensus of opinion amongst postmortem parties on the Saturday and Sunday.

Wholesale organisation is an establishment thing, so one could hardly help but wonder at the colorful Peacock figure of controller, and lets not forget, fellow student, when orders and organisation became the keynote : of a mass happening all-together-now-a-la-Nesbitt.

And what were these happenings, anyway? Does everybody really go blues cum hard-rock that much. OK—I know—sure there were folk brackets, but have you ever really dwelt on the thought that the other"Arts" deserve your attention also. Somehow the whole focus of attention and enthusiasm centred round the rock concerts, and I would be the first to agree that these were of a high standard-in fact that kind of music just can't be got anywhere else—but for hundreds of students to program their whole festival round the times and Venues of the rock concerts is just not on.

It is here that the organisational talents of our Peacock should have forced themselves to the fore. The"Arts" deserved a student awareness, and unhappily they didn't get it. Just how few, I wonder, soaked up the "culture" which only a university can give, let alone a whole festival offering the many and varied aspects of the"Arts" from all over New Zealand.

No, I'm sorry, but Mr Nesbitt should not strutt so proudly—his 1000 eyes did not even open to the possibilities of a real "Arts" Festival.