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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 33, Number 13. 1970



As it has become almost traditional for Victoria to finish fourth in Winter Tournament well behind the other varsities, so it came as a pleasant surprise to end up third equal with Massey.

Victoria sports teams participating with some success were, badminton, fencing, shooting, skiing and squash; the other teams just enjoyed themselves again. Massey tournament controller Bob Cook, secretary Ken Elliot, and their large team of controllers are to be congratulated on their running of the whole affair, it was a great show, sporting and socially.

Eligibility Requirements for the competition came up again at the New Zealand Sports Union Contests Committee meeting. Waikato, having withdrawn from N.Z.U.S.U. at Easter council would not rejoin, unless its sportsmen could participate in N.Z.U.S.U. activities. The problem is Waikato could not compete unless it could send campus teams to tournaments.

The situation there is:
1.No club would allow a team to go which excluded any division "A" student at Hamilton Teachers College.
2.Each sports club is supported by grants by both W.U.S.A. and the Teachers College Association, so there are no sports assets which are exclusively for a varsity team. All campus facilities are shared and division "A" students at College (those not doing six hours varsity lectures etc. As other varsities define them ) and full time students are members of the same club, financed by the joint campus grants committee.
3.Because of the close has son between the two institutions academically, W.U.S.A. is not able to use the criteria of "part time course of at least six hours tutorials, lectures, and practicals per week," because of the borrowing of university staff for lecturing to Div. "A" students, and the borrowing of Teachers College staff for Education degrees.

Following a long discussion all constituent sports officers and other delegates to N.Z.U.S.U. agreed that the elegibility requirements should be relaxed to include anyone doing one unit (two courses in the case of Waikato) regardless of whether it was for a first degree or a second degree.

These amendments will have to be ratified by an A.G.M. of N.Z. U.S.U. before they come into effect. Provided this occurs,' a greater number of University sportsmen and sport women will in future be able to compete at Tournament.

Drinking Horn et al—as usual Victoria did not have a team organised for the Drinking Horn, but a makeshift team came through in tremendous form to record the third fastest time.

The 'all' day, alt night' bar provided by Massey was an innovation well worth continuing at the next Tournament.

—Ian Stockwell.