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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume. 33, Number 7. 27 May, 1970

More Vile Ravings in the interests of Truth of course

page 15

More Vile Ravings in the interests of Truth of course

Someone has blundered.

Photograph of a truck

One is entitled to ask why both Procesh and Embryo were allowed to take place at the same time

Photograph of a breat

(you may, if you wish, protest that they are not the same thing anyway)

Photograph of a person wearing underwear

:such duplication of potential can only lead to diffusion of effort and consequent

Photograph of a toliet

loss of standards. The results on Procesh

Photograph of a wall reading 'Stamp out Miss Bartlett. Support Pornography'

day were dismally obvious. When the overall colours of a celebration are grey and brown, however wasply appropriate,

Photograph of a rag

(and that's not just a visual observation) the time-for anything-is at hand. On

Photograph of a Police Officer

this occasion at least, brevity was not what it might more advantageously have been.

Photograph of a Police hat

Stand on the students!

Photograph of a man holding an olive branch

Embryo is contemporary, honest, mature, concise, colourful, witty. All of these things Procesh '70 wasn't.

Photograph of a road

Anyhow who needs Procesh when we've got Wellington?

Photograph of a road with a stain

Truth Says it must End

Photograph of a train

Hear also what comfortable words O.E.D. saith: "that which is still in idea, as

Photograph of a pram

opposed to that which is actual in fact."

Photograph of a can on a street

Here is an idea:

black image

There is at least one embryo connoisseur in Wellington (fact). There might be others. Find one. Try it on him-in the interests of truth, of course.