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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 33, No. 1 18 February 1970

A Christmas Story — Christmas Sales Booming

A Christmas Story

Christmas Sales Booming

Bells are hanging and cash registers are ringing gaily in Wellington stores.

The Christmas rush has begun and beaming sales managers state that trade has never been better.

"The present-buying public is selective and choosy, which is good to see," one merchandise manager said. "The goods are there and the price is not stopping them."

It seems that cultured pearls are back in a big way—necklaces, brooches and ear-rings are disappearing like hot cakes.

Imported perfumes are in great demand. So are gift sets of lingerie and table linen.

Many lines of glassware are already sold out and sales of swim suits are phenomenal.

Family groups are putting in together for the purchase of a lasting present to "Mum".

Refrigerators, washing machines and television sets are favourite gifts chosen by such groups.

A toy shop proprietor reported that teenagers are buying monster teddy bears and bunnies at $28 each without batting an eyelid and fluffy, flop-eared dogs were next in favouritism.

Bicycle sales are up on last year and dolls from 10 cents to $20 are in great demand.

Iced Christmas cakes have "started to move rapidly", and so have Christmas puddings.

"It's noticeable that people are going for the $7 cakes," the manageress of a home-made cake shop said.

"We'll have to make another batch this weekend."

Only person not madly busy in one store visited was Santa Claus.

"His work builds up when the schools break up," a salesman said.

"He hasn't lost his voice yet—that's a catastrophe reserved for the last shopping week."

Even bank managers agree that this Christmas will be "a boomer".

We'd like to believe that some of you at least would think we were putting you on if we told you that the crap above was printed—apparently as a news story—on the front page of The Dominion on 4 December last year. Here's a quotation for next "Christmas": It is only by not paying one's bills that one can hope to live in the memory of the commercial classes

Oscar Wilde.

"Look at that. Simpson! Who said Christianity was dying?"

"Look at that. Simpson! Who said Christianity was dying?"