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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32. No. 25. October 9, 1969

Fees Rise by $6

page 4

Fees Rise by $6

The Students' Association fee will be $19 as from next year.

This was decided by the SGM last week on the recommendation of Executive.

An amendment, moved unsuccessfully by Bill Logan and Graeme Nesbitt would have put 50 cents of the increase to the General Account for use in cultural affairs. This would have reduced the increase devoted to the Maintenance Account from $2.00 to $1.50, but would still have allowed for a surplus of over $2,000 in the Maintenance Account in 1970.

Both speakers said it seemed to be the policy of Executive to favour sports clubs over cultural clubs, even though there were more people belonging to cultural clubs.

"Sports clubs get over three times the amount cultural clubs are allowed," said Graeme Nesbitt.

"Cultural clubs were granted $1,600 this year while $5,000 went to sports clubs."

He said that some clubs were deterred from applying for grants because they felt they had little chance of getting them.

A further speaker. Mr. King, said that it would be inappropriate to alter the budget at this stage because Council approval which had already been obtained for it. might be difficult to gain for an amended budget.

This attitude was criticised by several students including Simon Arnold who said "it was the attitude of the type of student running this association."

"It is a thoroughly bad attitude to be afraid to ask for money for culutral clubs because the administration might not give it to us."

"If that is their attitude they don't deserve a students association," he said.

The relevance of the amendment was questioned by some people.

Paul Callaghan said it didn't have anything to do with the question of whether the Students Association needed more money.

"Any decision on this allocation should be a separate motion," he said.

"I am not sure that the Executive is responsible enough to handle more money."

The Treasurer, David Tait, said an allocation to the Cultural Clubs could come from the surplus from the General Account.

"We've already tried this," said Graeme Nesbitt.

He said the former Cultural Affairs Officer, Helen McGrath had been unsuccessful in moving such a motion at Executive.

The final speaker to the amendment was Colin Knox who said it was "just a smokescreen".

The motion was then put, and lost.

There was little real opposition voiced to the substantive motion.

The major reasons for the increase were outlined in a sheet signed by the treasurer of the Association, David Tait.

"As we think it is necessary to think in terms of an allocation for the Maintenance Account that would be sufficient for at least five years, an increase of $2 appears to be necessary," David said.

He said the cost of the present SUB facilities would be $980,000.

"We are still repaying a $32,000 loan from the University given when the present building was commenced."

"Two dollars of the present $3 allocation is repaying this loan, leaving only $1 for current and future developments," he said.

David emphasised that the figures were "arbitrary" but said they did show the dimensions of the problems involved.

"If improvements to present facilities are desired then costs will be much higher than estimates," he said.

Criticism of the present facilities was offered by several speakers including Mr. Hewitt who compared them with Auckland University.

"And there they have a cafeteria manager whom they make money out of," he said.

Paul Callaghan said that in view of the dining room facilities which would be available to staff members at the university next year, it would be quite appropriate to impose a levy on the staff of $10 a head.

He attempted to move an amendment to this effect, but the chairman refused to accept it.

Gerard Curry, who seconded the motion said it would be a "strange philosophy to have a building for students which was not available to staff".

He said it would be "unsatisfactory" to decrease the allocation to the Building Account by $1 as some speakers had suggested because another SGM would be required next year to raise it again.

Gerard said the increased allocations would mean "increased flexibility in administering the General Account."

He said there would probably be more money for both the Sports and Cultural Councils because of this.