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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32. No. 25. October 9, 1969



Sir,—In answer to Mr. Sharifuddin's letter in the last Salient, at the beginning of the year I invited, by personal letter, all overseas student groups at the university (including Fijian. Soamoan, Thai, African, and M.S.A—for the record I did not invite the MSSA and was promptly hauled over the coals and rectified the omission for the next meeting)—to send one or two reps., according to their size, to be on the International Affairs Sub-committee and to represent their respective points of view. As such MSA were officially represented though, of course, their thoughts on matters not directly pertaining to the MSA were of a personal nature.

(b) I have been in closer contact with the MSSA through the year as they have constantly gone out of their way to tell me of their views and activities. MSA has been helpful too but at times they have not told me of Important meetings such as their AGM. However, I have been in touch with some members of th MSA who are personal friends.

(c) What Salient does it Its own business but when I wrote the article in question I consulted with the then Persident of the MSSA and the immediate past President of the MSA as to the facts. The part relating to the future is hypothetical and my own opinion.

(d) On other matters relating to "consultation" I considered through my contacts in MSA that I had a more than adequate idea of their point of view. I am fully aware of the existence of MSA, its implications and its general policy and cannot, as Mr. Sharifuddin well knows, ignore it.

(e) The Clubhouse or House has, as its caretaker, the MSA as questions raised in the Malaysian Government were not prepared to pay monies for a "House" which was being used by Singaporean full members. As caretakers the MSA have ultimate control though I agree it is available for "all Malaysians and their friends".

I think, however, that some hard thinking must be done by both sides to stop this ridiculous situation as it exists and to bring about a reconciliation. To this end and ni vew of the sentiments expressed by the new President of the MSSA I am going to ask the Presidents and the Secretaries of the two parties to meet with me so that we can begin to hammer out a possible solution to the problem.

International Affairs Officer.

John Eade.