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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32. No. 25. October 9, 1969

Poems: Ngan

page 16

Poems: Ngan

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Ritual for [unclear: Sunday]

danced and [unclear: sp]
before the [unclear: mo]
coming sun—
delicate wonder
dancing alone-
feet forming [unclear: m]
[unclear: abandonme]

page 17


come crimson to the door
soldier home for the war/
they've blinded your eyes
with blood:
details of your destiny
are stretch out
are stretched out
on pavement pieces

pale wanderings/one year after

wings which weren't strong
enough yet to fly
and all this mist entering
my eyes/
mirror spreading sun—
lie with driftwood sprouting
from between our bodies/
come closer/come crying
into your smile/
went going/gentle-mild
took those thoughts,
i am but one artist with no face/ but one child in a universe of space
generations—they pass in a night:
tread softly/you are on my dreams ...

epistle to ophelia

Came ophelia dancing
with hazel hair flying
ophelia-gypsy child:
my heart is cleft
and bleeding—
Ophelia—gypsy abandoned babe
ophelia—dim/my eyes from crying
ophelia—to the river run
ophelia come dancing
spreading sexual nausea
and though your door is dangling—
ophelia/ophelia—i have no desire
ophelia-ophelia—go light another's fire
ophelia dancing naked ophelia dancing wild
ophelia-ophelia born another's virgin bride: