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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32. No. 25. October 9, 1969

Law Reforms

Law Reforms

Law reform under the National Government has been phenominal. The late J. R. Hanan was a visionary and under his guidance the following reforms were enacted:

  • • An ombudsman was appointed and his jurisdiction extended.
  • • An administrative division of the Supreme Court was established to hear appeals from administrative tribunals.
  • • Family law reforms including:—better procedures for reconciliation.

    —recognition that where reconciliation fails divorce should be available on common sense basis.

    —Wives have been made equal with their husbands as guardians of their children. —Maintenance Law gave greater stress on need—heavier liability on the father of illegitimate children.

  • • Liquor Referendum resulting in late closing —reducing voting and drinking age to twenty.
  • • Legal aid.
  • • Periodic detention extended to include adults.
  • • Our Government has met the cost of selecting and training marriage guidance counsellors.
  • • More liberal tests for paying costs to innocent defendants.
  • • Introduced Breath and Blood tests to cut road toll caused by alcohol.
  • • Established demerits points system to pinpoint persistent traffic offenders.

These are only a few indicative highlights of he progress and achievments of he National Government. Mention could have been made of many other things e.g. Blue Sreak Rail Car, Aluminium Smelter. Steel Works, Natural Gas and the phenominal increase in tourism.

The record is impressive—bu let's take a quick glance a a few of the new candidates who are offering thmselves at he forthcoming elections:

H. C. Templeton, M.A. (Otago University) in Classics and History. Awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and was awarded a first class honours degre in History at Oxford. Is standing for Awarua.

Ralph Miller, M.Sc in Zoology—deputy headmaster at Heretaunga College.

H. K. Ngata, B.A., B.Com.—standing for Eastern Maori.

F. J. Handy—a lawyer by profession, Frank Handy also has an M.A. with first class honours in Philosophy.

Dr Dawson—Candidate for Wigram is a Fellow of Auckland College of Surgeons.

W. C. Edwards. Born in Tonga and aged 35. Mr Edwards graduatd LL.B. at Auckland and is an Auckland University Rugby Blue and has represented North Island Universities and New Zealand Universities.

Space does permit to detail all the achievements of the Naional Government and their achievements of their candidates. Suffice to say that their records are impeccable. The calibre of men and women standing has never been higher.


Average age of sitting members is 53 years and of new candidates 42—a combination of experience and youth.

When you decide on which party you wish to govern New Zealand remember these achievements and then decide which party you will vote for.

There is also an engineer and a veterinary surgeon, lawyers and accountants, farmers and businessmen who are standing.