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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32. No. 25. October 9, 1969

Integral Learning

Integral Learning

The time has passed when an ability to pass examinations can be he criterion of an "education" or "success". Learning must become an integral part of everyone's work and life. Instead of determining at eleven, fifteen, or twenty-one that a person must have a particular type of occupation for the rest of his life facilities must exist for the greatest possible free choice and opportunity to change adding a new dimension to economic flexibility. Work structuring and productivity gains will soon make possible the abolition of the social evil of overtime and bring closer the universal thirty-five hour working week freeing more time for leisure. None of these objectives will be achieved however, while our political authorities lack control over and information about vital sections of our economy. The conservative image of man as an economic animal must give way to the socialist conception of man as an individual.

Despite the horrified cry of "too much tax" or "where's the money going to come from" that confronts every radical government Labour believes that there is plenty of room within the present system for further redistribution of wealth in order to attain objectives such as free medical services and improved education. There is little justification for depriving a man of what he has earned and margins for skill and expertise are required to retain those who enrich the country with their skill knowledge and initiative. However, there is little justice if the "children" of talented people are allowed to inhert their parents' wealth unobstructed. This is especially true after they have enjoyed the benefits of their parents' wealth and are aged in their forties. Frequently this inherited wealth is mistaken for "success" and "enterprise".