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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 23. September 24, 1969

Appeal Still Pending

Appeal Still Pending

The appeal of a student fined $15 for behaviour "subversive, or tending to be subversive, of discipline", is still pending.

The student was fined by a special disciplinary committee of the Professorial Board on 7 August after an argument with a caretaker.

The caretaker had remonstrated with the student over what he considered to be the excessive speed at which the student had driven on to the campus.

During the exchange which followed the student allegedly insulted the caretaker and that a blow was struck.

When interviewed by Salient Professor I. D. Campbell, deputy Vice Chancellor, denied that the charge implied that the caretaker concerned had any disciplinary power. Neither, he said, was the charge imposed merely because of the abusive language used:

"The fine was imposed because the student's action tended to be subversive of discipline, as outlined in the charge," he said.

Professor Campbell said the charge was not brought for the reason that the student had merely argued with the caretaker.

Neither was it brought because of the way in which the student had argued but for "a combination of both."

Professor Campbell said he felt the offence as laid down was "too vague" in its terminology.

He said a sub-committee consisting of Professor W. G. Minn and Mr P. Kyle, had been constituted to report on the rules for disciplining students.

The report will be presented to the Professorial Board on 8 October.

Asked whether the student, who has engaged a lawyer, to contest the appeal, would be awarded costs should the appeal be successful, Professor Campbell said that "as far as he knew" such a step had never been taken.

"The student could, however, make an application for reimbursement to Council," he said.

The appeal tribunal will be drawn from Council. To ensure a fair appeal no member of the Professorial Board will take part.