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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 22 September 17, 1969

Association Says Not Forced

Association Says Not Forced

There was no pressure at all on Malaysian students to form a separate association last year according to members of the Malaysian Students' Association (MSA).

Mr Nueck, past President of MSA said that MSA became MSSA (Malaysian Singapore Students' Association) in 1966 after the separation of Singapore from Malaysia.

Early in 1968 students had been discussing the formation of an association strictly for Malaysian students.

Mr K. P. Too, the president of MSA. said that Parliamentarians in Malaysia had queried an entry in the Budget which allowed for the payment of rent for the clubhouse of the MSSA.

Mr Too said they had resolved that the Malaysian Government should not subsidize Singaporean students and had recommended to the High Commissioner in Sydney that he discuss the subject with the students concerned.

"But it is an illusion to say that to form the MSA was to conform to pressure," he said.

Mr. Tajuddin said it was important that all Malaysians in this country were united.

This would provide a good example for those at home .

Two motions were passed at the AGM of the MSA; the first related to the "harsh and unreasonable action of the police in entering the campus of the University of Malaysia".

The second was that this meeting express surprise at the way the Action Committee for a Multi-Racial Malaysia has gone about promoting the emergence of a multi-racial society in Malaysia.

Mr Michael Lim said that a return to Parliamentary rule meant a return to the status quo.

This would be detrimental to the country simply because it would be so difficult to keep order.