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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Vol. 32, No. 22 September 17, 1969

[Reply to James Entika from Roger Wilde]

You allege in your letter that:

(1) Salient , either consciously or unconsciously, has been misleading public opinion by misrepresenting or distorting facts about the "real" situation in Malaysia.

Can you give one specific example of one fact which has been distorted by Salient ? Can you give one example of any manifestation of opinion on this subject by any member of the Salient staff in this newspaper this year?

On one occasion only have we published any material relating to Malaysia. In the last issue we reported the activities of a group of interested persons who cared enough about a particular situation to form an action committee to do something about it.

This does not mean that anybody on Salient supported or opposed these students; we simply reported it.

(2) You say public indoctrination has been going on for a long time in the university newspapers to make a scapegoat out of the MSA.

Even supposing this statement were true, something I do not believe, what specific instances support your allegation. In any ease, how do yon suggest I influence the rest of the student press?

(3) You say Salient should be more Impartial and positive in reporting events.

Again, I ask for a specific example to support your case. What was partial or negative about the story in Salient 20 (to which I assume you are referring) which distorted the 'true' situation?

(4) The 'great number' (prove it) of Malaysian students who feel too much emphasis has been placed on 'essentially Malaysian affairs' might be interested to know that there are New Zealand troops in their country. The situation in Malaysia is very much our business, and discussion of the pressures that this situation puts on students at this university is certainly within my sphere of responsibility.