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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 32, No. 19. August 6, 1969

Careers Supplement 1969

page 15

Careers Supplement 1969

Index To Advertisers

Apple and Pear Market, Board 19
Arcus & Co. 20
Army 19
Balm Paints 18
Barr, Burgess & Stewart 19
Bowden, Bass & Cox 20
British Petroleum 20
Caltex Oil 19
Clarke Menzies 20
Ford Motor Co. 22
Hogg, Young & Cathie 19
Hum Duthie & Co. 19
Industries & Commerce 16
McCulloch, Butler & Spence 23
Meteorological Service 21
Mobil Oil 21
N.Z. Electricity Department 14
Post Office 23
Provident Lire & Dominion Life 17
R.N.Z.A.F. 16
Shell Oil 24
State Services 23
Statistics Department 22
Wellington City Council 18
Wilberfoss & Co. 21

Corbin & Esam

Chartered Accountants Hastings

Require two partly or fully qualified accountants. Commence duties at end of university year.

Write P.O. Box 985, Hastings

page 16

The Appointments Board

What the Hell is it ?

Secretary VUW

Appointments Board

If you are reading this, I presume either that you are bored at the moment or that you are interested in the almost inevitable prospect of stepping into the market place of graduate employment. Like any other market place, this one has its own customs and conventions, forces of supply and demand, and consequential advertising and publicity. This careers supplement gives you some examples of the latter activities.

How can the University Appointment Board affect things? Is the board a consumer institute, an information bureau, a complaints department, a business consultant, and advertising agency or an entrepreneur in this market place? Without wanting to stretch the analogy too far. I believe that the board fills some areas of all these functions, and, furthermore, this analogous description is certainly not exhaustive. However, the primary aim of the Appointments Board is to help students and graduates more easily to find suitable employment.

Advice and Information: What will mainly interest you, as an undergraduate or near-graduate, is the board's role in providing advice and information on careers, which includes examining the relevance of particular vice" here can be very misleading. If you expect to be told which choice is better of the public service or private enterprise, small or large firms, sales or production, research or administration and so on, then I am afraid you will be disappointed, However, what the board can do is to give you easier access to background information which might affect such choices and possibly some advice on the criteria most people use when faced with similar decisions.

Good or Bad Jobs: There is no such thing as an intrinsically good or bad job. There may be jobs which a majority of people think of as good or bad, but ultimately the job you have will be your job, not your flat mate's, your great uncle's, your lecturer's, or mine or anyone else's, but yours. This does not mean that you should avoid seeking advice, as you will want to make an informed decision, but it dues mean that only you can finally weigh the advantages and disadvantages before you. Recognition of ability, freedom for initiative, job interest, community service, money, social status, opportunity to travel, being desk-bound, using one's degree subjects—these are some of the criteria which can be applied to selecting an area of employment.

What Do You Want? Are you expecting too much of a job? For example, you should remember that few people are paid to pursue their hobbies, and thus must jobs have their rather uninspiring periods of routine work. On the other hand, you may be quite unaware of the career prospects in some fields which appear superficially to be inappropriate to your qualifications. Employers are being encouraged to provide the board with detailed descriptions of jobs they are offering, and the growing careers library may contain sufficient information to allow you to study and eventually decide for which jobs you would like to apply. All students registered with the board receive summarised lists of vacancies as the jobs come to hand towards the end of the year, and these lists can give you an idea of the range of opportunities as well as a guide to which jobs you would like to investigate further.

How You Can Help the Board: The best way you can help the board is to use the services available. The more students use the board's services, the more enquiries will be received by employers and this will encourage them to seek students through the board mure regularly. Any increase in enquiries from students or employers will add information to the board's records and the accumulated experience can be shared by all subsequent enquirers.

If you register, you can contribute to this accumulated knowledge by reporting hack on your experiences. Feed-hack information on different people's impressions alter interviews and after being appointed to a job can help the board immensely. Unfortunately most registrants who come back are those who have been unable to find a suitable position. By registering and co-operating subsequently you will be both helping your fellow students.

Appointments Board Officer: Ground Floor, 6 Kelburn Parade (just opposite the bottom of the main drive).

Telephone 44-447 or 46-040, ext. 856, for further information or to make an appointment.

Careers in Industries & Commerce

"… with a view to fostering the economic welfare of New Zealand, to promote and encourage the improvement and development of industry and commerce, to promote and encourage the export trade of New Zealand, and to carry out such functions and duties as the Minister may from time to time direct."—Industries and Commerce Act, 1956.

  • • Development of new industries and natural resources.
  • • Administration of trade practices and prices legislation.
  • • Economic research.
  • • Import licensing.
  • • Study of world trade patterns and trends.
  • • Negotiation of international trade agreements.
  • • Export trade promotion.
  • • Overseas trade posts.

The department wishes to recruit men and women of integrity who are graduates, or well advanced and making satisfactory progress in their studies towards a degree or professional qualification. Economics and accountancy are preferred for many positions. However, good degrees in such subjects as geography, political science, and public administration will also be considered.

Training in specialised departmental work is provided by highly qualified senior officers.

Inquiries should be addressed to:

The Administration Officer,

Department of Industries and Commerce,

Room 519, Bowen State Building,

Bowen Street, Wellington

Telephone 48-640

Or the District Offices of the Department in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.

page 17

The Actuarial Profession

Upper Quartiles in Age Groups

Those who have read Anthony Sampson's "Anatomy of Britain" and who have seen the graph (at right) showing the progress of the incomes of men in various professions may have wondered about the little known Actuarial profession whose members earnings in the United Kingdom are shown as rising to such high levels.

The practical application of Actuarial work needs a high degree of analytical power and clear thinking and the capacity to express conclusions in clear and logical language. To become an Actuary, a student needs to sit the examinations of the Institute of Actuaries and the course ensures that those contemplating an Actuarial career possess the ability to think logically and to exercise judgment in practical situations.

The course of examinations covers the subjects of applied probability and statistics, some specialised branches of applied mathematics, the fields of demography, mortality, finance and investment, and in the latter stages, tests the ability of the student to apply his knowledge to practical situations. Although the examinations are not easy and require part-time study over a number of years, recent changes in the syllabus have been directed towards reducing the time taken to qualitfy, and it is now possible for students with good passes in university mathematics and statistics to obtain exemption from some of the earlier sections.

The Actuary is a professional man whose special skills are required in connection with long term financial contracts particularly those in the fields of life assurance and superannuation. The majority of Actuaries in Australia and New Zealand are employed by life assurance companies but other Actuaries act in a professional capacity as consultants to superannuation funds, life assurance companies and other financial institutions. In deal with long term contracts, the Actuary has to consider the way in which all aspects of the business are being managed and the need to take an overall, long term, analytical view, gives a man who possesses the right personal qualities the characteristics required in senior positions in his company. Training in the principles of practice of finance and investment is taking an increasing number of Actuaries into positions connected with the stock exchange, banking and commerce.

There are at present about 150 fully qualified Actuaries in Australia and New Zealand, about three-quarters of these are employed by life assurance offices and are divided fairly evenly between technical and managerial positions. There is a large unsatisfied demand for qualified men and it has been estimated that by 1975, there will be a need for at least twice the present number.

Commencing salaries for university graduates employed in the Actuarial Department of life assurance offices in New Zealand are at present in the range $2500 to $2900 depending on age, nature of degree, etc. Most life assurance companies pay salaries in the range of $5200 to $6000 for newly qualified men and subsequent salaries would depend not only on experience but also on ability, personal qualities and the degree of responsibility carried. Persons with suitable qualities can reasonably look forward to attaining responsible positions in which salaries of the order of $8000 p.a. would be payable where the occupant had been qualified for about 10 years. Actuaries in very senior positions would command considerably greater salaries. Most life assurance offices offer a valuable range of fringe benefits, including superannuation, and favourable mortgage facilities for home purchase.

Any graduate who is interested in obtaining further information is best advised to make enquiries from a qualified Actuary who will be able to amplify the information given here.

page 19

B.C.A. Graduates and Commerce Students

If You Have recently qualified as an Accountant or are completing your academic studies or now only require practical experience to apply for membership of the New Zealand Society of Accountants, we invite your application for a position in our firm.

We offer suitable applicants experience in all fields of accountancy, although initial training is usually given in either the auditing or taxation and accounting fields. We use training courses (including courses in computing auditing), manuals, on the job assistance and supervision to ensure that staff develop rapidly and assume appropriate responsibility. Evaluations of staff are made with a view to assisting them to attain their career objectives in the profession of commerce either in New Zealand or overseas.

Your progress and remuneration are dependent only on your qualification, ability and experience. Graduates from university who have completed the Accountancy Professional course can expect to commence at $2,700.

Applications, which will be treated in strict confidence, should be addressed to—

Barr, Burgess & Stewart

Chartered Accountants

P.O. Box 243,


Do you want a future with …

High Income

Professional Status

Job Satisfaction

Overseas Experience

Investment Opportunities

Community Leadership


… If so, then Public Accountancy may be the career for you. Opportunities are available for young men and women with the B.C.A. Degree or who have completed a substantial part of the B.C.A. Degree.


Telephone 70-709, or write to:

Hunt, Duthie & Co.

P.O. Box 2194



We will have vacancies for persons making their career in the Accountancy Profession to commence in January, 1970.

Applications are invited at any time before the end of 1969 from students who are partly qualified or who expect to graduate B.C.A. this year. A thorough training is ensured in all types of accounting auditing, taxation and management work, etc., and time off is allowed for lectures and examinations.

Apply in writing stating age and details of any present qualifications to:

Hogg, Young, Cathie & Co.

Chartered Accountants

P.O. Box 230,


Graduate into a Professional Career that's really different in the New Zealand Army


Direct appointment to short or long service commissions is offered to suitable graduates. Those with the appropriate qualifications may serve as specialist officers in such fields as signals, civil, mechanical or electrical engineering or there are wide opportunities for those with degrees in more general subjects to attain high rank in such Corps as Artillery, Armoured and Infantry. Intellectual ability plus positive qualities of leadership and planning ability will assure you a rewarding and responsible career. Commencing salary of $2,952, rising to over $4,088 in less than 10 years.


Inquire about …

(a)The Army Study Award scheme for assistance with your full-time degree studies.
(b)Opportunity to study for Engineering, Science or Art degrees at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, Australia.
(c)The two-year course at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Inquire Now From:

The Military Secretary,

Army Headquarters,

Private Bag,


or Ring 49-800, Extn. 636, for an appointment.

page 20

B.C.A. Students

Clarke, Menzies & Co., a firm with international affiliations, are currently interviewing students who have reached an advanced stage of the B.C.A. course and who wish to take up employment in a professional office at the end of the university year.

Positions are available in either the auditing and accounting services departments of the Wellington office. Modern techniques are used and experience can be gained whilst engaged on work in a wide variety of industrial and commercial organisations. Competitive salaries are offered and there are excellent prospects for rapid promotion. Opportunities of overseas experience, either on a short term or long term basis, are available to selected employees.

Successful applicants will be given the opportunity of attending one of our two-day staff training sessions to be held during the August term holidays.

For an interview please telephone the Staff Partner, 70-879, or write care of Box 2093, Wellington.

Chartered Accountancy Opportunity

As A Result of recently qualified staff joining our overseas associates for further experience, positions will become available in January, 1970, for students who have completed at least five units of their B.C.A.

These appointments carry attractive salaries and cover a variety of work in the field of Accountancy, Secretarial, Taxation and Audit.

This flexible range of work, congenial working conditions and interesting associations make this position one that could have considerable appeal to persons wishing to advance in this field.

For an appointment apply to:

J. L. Arcus & Co.

Chartered Accountants

P.O. Box 1283, Wellington

Telephone 49-750

Accountancy Careers

We will have vacancies later this year for B.C.A. Graduates and under-graduates who wish to obtain practical experience following a period of fulltime study.

The Accountancy Profession today is challenging and rewarding. Those with ability who are prepared to accept responsibility will find experience in a chartered accountants' office opens up many opportunities either in the practising profession or in commerce and industry.

We Offer

* Experience covering a wide field of professional work, including auditing, taxation and general accounting.

* A generous commencing salary depending upon qualifications and any practical experience already obtained.

* Assistance and encouragement in studies, training and professional activities.

* Excellent working conditions in modern central offices.

* Opportunity for post-graduate experience overseas with an associated international firm.

Enquiries should be addressed to:

The Staff Partner,

Bowden, Bass & Cox

Chartered Accountants

Sun Alliance Building, 11-15 Brandon Street, Wellington

P.O. Box 986

Telephone 70-289


We Will Have Vacancies in 1970 for qualified or partly qualified accountants.


We can offer excellent experience in all aspects of accountancy, including taxation, secretarial, auditing and management consulting, with time off for lectures for those continuing with their studies.


For An Interview

telephone or call

Barnett & Barnett

Chartered Accountants


Corner Brandon & Featherston Streets,


Telephone 40-477

page 21

Commerce Graduates

We are seeking recently qualified commerce graduates or near graduates of above average ability and academic achievement who demand work satisfaction and a broad practical experience in a busy environment for the purpose of gaining full membership of the N.Z. Society of Accountants.

The Positions

We are able to offer experience in the following aspects of Chartered Accountancy …

1.Auditing and investigations.
2.Management Services.
4.Accounting and secretarial.

Practical experience is supplemented by an extensive staff training programme. Local and national courses are conducted for each specialization together with a two-day familiarization course in November for new members of the firm.

Professional Development

After initial training and experience a comprehensive review of performance is undertaken and for suitable persons the opportunity will be given to choose a specialization for advanced training which, where appropriate, may be in an overseas office of our internationally associated organization.

We actively encourage rapid professional development to the highest level within the firm and lend support to participation in professional activities by normally granting leave for attending lectures, courses and meetings.


Graduates without practical experience who have completed the Accountancy Professional course will commence at $2,700 per annum. Salaries are thereafter reviewed half-yearly with diligence and ability receiving due recognition.


Membership of an attractive superannuation scheme is available to senior members of the firm.


Our offices are central and modern.

We believe that we can offer challenging positions that will appeal to ambitious graduates and we invite applications which we undertake will be treated in the strictest confidence.

The firm recognizes that applicants may not have yet finalized their intentions for employment in 1970 but believes that a discussion rather than a formal interview may be helpful in enabling a decision to be made and would be pleased to be of assistance in this regard.

Applications or enquiries should be directed to the Staff Partner:

Wilberfoss & Company

Chartered Accountants

P.O. Box 347, Wellington

Telephone 70-566

The 5 graduates with Exciting career opportunities


These men have degrees in Commerce. Law. Engineering, Science and the Arts respectively. If You have one of these degrees if you have personality and initiative … if you are ready to accept responsibility and able to learn something about handling men … then You have exciting opportunities with Mobil.

Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited, with nearly 70 years of petroleum marketing behind it, offers an extension to your academic studies. It gives you the choice of marketing, planning, supply operations or accountancy training in office and field, or scientific training in the laboratory. Mobil gives you the chance to develop a high degree of skill in "oil", one of the world's largest, most high specialised and progressive industries.

Because of its size and requirements, Mobil gives you better opportunities to make use of your particular knowledge and skills … opportunities for your growth in a company and an industry geared tor profitable growth … rewards based on your individual achievement. These are some of the advantages that a career with Mobil in the world-wide and ever-growing oil industry offers you. If you would like further information, ring or write to the Relations Manager at 47-030 or P.O. Box 2497, Wellington, He will promptly arrange an interview.

Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited

page 22
page 23

Accountancy Career

We have a vacancy in our Hastings office for a qualified or nearly qualified male accountant.

The position is a responsible one and the successful applicant, after a period of integration with our methods, would be required to take charge of a group of assignments including Auditing, Accounting and Taxation. He would also need to be capable of managing staff under his control and would be directly responsible to a Partner.

Applications in writing are invited from persons under 30 years of age who feel they have the necessary qualifications, ambition and ability to fill this challenging position.

Applications should be accompanied by testimonials and should give details of previous experience together with qualifications.

The appointment need not be immediate, but could be by arrangement.

McCulloch, Butler & Spence

Chartered Accountants

P.O. Box 146,


The Professional Engineer

Communications Girdle the Earth

Leads Teams in Planning, Designing and Operating New Zealand's National and Overseas Communications Services.




Telephone Switching

Outside Plant



The Post Office provides …

1.Study Awards for full-time study for B.E. (Electrical) degree.
2.Postgraduate training scheme.
3.Responsible engineering experience for Registration as Professional Engineer.
4.Automatic annual promotion leading to high engineering positions.

Salary progression rate obtainable on inquiry.

Inquire at nearest Post Office Engineer's Office,

or write:


Post Office Headquarters,


Public Service

New Zealand crest

Science and Technology are fast developing New Zealand's resources. Equally important for the country's economic growth is the efficient management of these resources, in which the Public Service is playing a large part. The great diversity and specialisation of Government activities call for many graduates, from the specialist research scientist to the liberal arts man who may choose to make a career in administration and partipicate in policy formulation at its various stages.

The Public Service offers graduates the widest variety of careers available in New Zealand, ranging from international trade and diplomacy to wildlife research and ecology; from transportation economics to oceanography. Whatever career he chooses, a graduate will be expected to make full use of those attributes of a disciplined mind, clarity of thought, and a capacity for the logical presentation of facts and ideas which are associated with the possession of any university degree.

The Public Service Offers

  • • An unequalled variety of interesting and satisfying work.
  • • Early responsibility.
  • • Excellent on-the-job and specialised training.
  • • Promotion on merit.
  • • Competitive salaries.
  • • Post-graduate awards fot those with ability.
  • • Generous superannuation and other benefits.

Now, not later, is the time to give serious consideration to the choice of a career. If you are completing a degree at either honours or bachelor's level you are invited to discuss a career in the Public Service with …

The Graduate Liaison Officer, State Services Commission, 3rd Floor, Manchester Unity Building, Lambton Quay, Wellington.

Phone 46-075 or write to P.O. Box 8004, Wellington, for further information.

A Career in The Public Service May Well Be The Opportunity You Are Looking For!

page 24

Shell Oil New Zealand Limited

Shell oil

Staff Appointments

At the end of this year Shell will be offering employment to men (or women) with degrees in Chemistry, Civil or Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Science and Commerce. There may be also a few opportunities for graduates in other subjects, e.g. Economics, Law or Arts.

Positions Available

Most of the graduates will initially be stationed in Wellington. Each man is appointed as soon as possible to a position best suited to his qualifications, talents and interests and he is asked to follow a planned programme to enable him to use alt his knowledge and ability at an early opportunity. The work is accepted as qualifying for corporate membership of professional Institutions or Societies.

Chemists will begin in the Central Laboratory on product development and testing, technical service, and the supervision of quality control and may also be employed in chemicals marketing.

Engineers are responsible for design, development, construction and maintenance of oil storage facilities, processing plants, buildings, pipelines and road tankers.

Agricultural Science graduates are appointed to the Shell farm trade organisation, acting as specialist advisers on the marketing, development and application of chemicals for agricultural purposes.

Commerce graduates are employed primarily in finance, where the responsibilities include quarterly accounts, treasury, taxation, credit, investment, audit, payroll, costing, budgets and management accounting.

Data Processing with a Systems 360.60 IBM computer also offers a field for graduates with the necessary aptitudes for systems analysis, programming, operational research etc.


As well as specialising initially in work for which he is qualified the graduate will be trained to take a comprehensive view of Shell activities generally.

The Shell group of companies, which is international in character, scope and shareholding, is engaged in New Zealand and throughout the world in two industries, petroleum and chemicals. Both are growing in volume and complexity and show ample prospect of development in the future.

Shell Oil New Zealand Limited is staffed by New Zealanders, of whom the most able may be eligible for promotion to senior positions overseas. With individual recognition, supervision and guidance each graduate is encouraged to progress towards the most senior position he is capable of filling. His own efforts towards self development may be aided in several ways, including overseas training for the most promising men.


Young graduates have a special salary scale and it is Shell's policy to offer salaries and conditions of employment (including retirement benefits) at least comparable to those offered by other large firms.

Vacation Employment

A few vacation jobs will also be available in Wellington next summer for students now in their second to last year of a degree course in Engineering, Commerce or Chemistry. No unusual obligations are imposed but preference will be given to men seriously interested in the eventual prospect of a Shell career.


More detailed information is available in the booklet

"A guide to graduate employment with Shell Oil New Zealand Limited".

Copies of this booklet are available from the University, or Shell Oil New Zealand Limited.

Interviews can be arranged to suit any students who may be interested

Enquiries may be addressed to:

The Staff Manager, Shell Oil New Zealand Limited, Shell House, The Terrace, Po Box 2091, Wellington. Telephone 45-060 or Shell House, Albert Street, Po Box 1084, Auckland. Telephone 78-880 or St. Elmo Courts, Hereford Street, Po Box 2095, Christchurch. Telephone 62-939.