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Salient. Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 32, No. 19. August 6, 1969

Shell Oil New Zealand Limited

page 24

Shell Oil New Zealand Limited

Shell oil

Staff Appointments

At the end of this year Shell will be offering employment to men (or women) with degrees in Chemistry, Civil or Mechanical Engineering, Agricultural Science and Commerce. There may be also a few opportunities for graduates in other subjects, e.g. Economics, Law or Arts.

Positions Available

Most of the graduates will initially be stationed in Wellington. Each man is appointed as soon as possible to a position best suited to his qualifications, talents and interests and he is asked to follow a planned programme to enable him to use alt his knowledge and ability at an early opportunity. The work is accepted as qualifying for corporate membership of professional Institutions or Societies.

Chemists will begin in the Central Laboratory on product development and testing, technical service, and the supervision of quality control and may also be employed in chemicals marketing.

Engineers are responsible for design, development, construction and maintenance of oil storage facilities, processing plants, buildings, pipelines and road tankers.

Agricultural Science graduates are appointed to the Shell farm trade organisation, acting as specialist advisers on the marketing, development and application of chemicals for agricultural purposes.

Commerce graduates are employed primarily in finance, where the responsibilities include quarterly accounts, treasury, taxation, credit, investment, audit, payroll, costing, budgets and management accounting.

Data Processing with a Systems 360.60 IBM computer also offers a field for graduates with the necessary aptitudes for systems analysis, programming, operational research etc.


As well as specialising initially in work for which he is qualified the graduate will be trained to take a comprehensive view of Shell activities generally.

The Shell group of companies, which is international in character, scope and shareholding, is engaged in New Zealand and throughout the world in two industries, petroleum and chemicals. Both are growing in volume and complexity and show ample prospect of development in the future.

Shell Oil New Zealand Limited is staffed by New Zealanders, of whom the most able may be eligible for promotion to senior positions overseas. With individual recognition, supervision and guidance each graduate is encouraged to progress towards the most senior position he is capable of filling. His own efforts towards self development may be aided in several ways, including overseas training for the most promising men.


Young graduates have a special salary scale and it is Shell's policy to offer salaries and conditions of employment (including retirement benefits) at least comparable to those offered by other large firms.

Vacation Employment

A few vacation jobs will also be available in Wellington next summer for students now in their second to last year of a degree course in Engineering, Commerce or Chemistry. No unusual obligations are imposed but preference will be given to men seriously interested in the eventual prospect of a Shell career.


More detailed information is available in the booklet

"A guide to graduate employment with Shell Oil New Zealand Limited".

Copies of this booklet are available from the University, or Shell Oil New Zealand Limited.

Interviews can be arranged to suit any students who may be interested

Enquiries may be addressed to:

The Staff Manager, Shell Oil New Zealand Limited, Shell House, The Terrace, Po Box 2091, Wellington. Telephone 45-060 or Shell House, Albert Street, Po Box 1084, Auckland. Telephone 78-880 or St. Elmo Courts, Hereford Street, Po Box 2095, Christchurch. Telephone 62-939.