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Salient.Victoria University of Wellington Students' Newspaper. Volume 32, No. 17 July 23, 1969



Will you through your columns graciously permit me to make just two requests of Messrs, Crofton, Cropp (& co. ...) whose obvious open-mindedness and lack of any pre-conceived ideas on religion are to be warmly commended (politely leaving aside, of course, the minor point that they wrote their letters before either meeting Peter Newall or hearing the lecture series) …

First, a straight question: How many of the "Boomharangue" lectures and, seminars did they in fact have the courage to attend, in order to give a fair appraisal of their quality?

Secondly, from the lectures and seminars which they heard, could they please set forth for the benefit of Salient readers all those points (with quotes if possible) which support their theses that

  • (a) Peter Newall was a religious crank, a metal cripple, and "out-of-touch with social reality", and
  • (b) The quality of life which Mr. Newall set forth for consideration was clearly inferior to that which, by implication, would evidently satisfy Messrs, Cropp, Crofton (& Co... .).

Julie Belding